Good staff lvl 20 mage?

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Probably my last forum for the month but here I go, ok so I was wondering if there is a good staff with good intellect for a lvl 20 mage. (Faction:horde) think of the best you got.
This is a list of all level 20 and under staves with intellect that are available to horde characters:;maxrl=20;si=2;cr=23;crs=1;crv=0
Staff of the Sun comes from a group quest in Ghostlands. It's a little less intellect than the other, but it's a quest reward so you won't have to win a roll to obtain it.

Rod of the Sleepwalker drops in the Blackfathom Deeps instance, and is a little bit more intellect, but because it has spirit on it, you'll usually be rolling against the healer for this one.

Your other option would be to get either of the BOA staves. You can get the PvE one by saving up Darkmoon Faire tickets, and the PvP one can be purchased with (quite a lot of) honor points.
The mage trainer in Org willll have a level 20 class quest for you that rewards a decent blue staff. - Staff of the Arcane Path

The quest requires that you use the LFG tool to join a dungeon group for Shadowfang Keep where you'll need to collect some items. It's a relatively easy run. Just don't stand in front of the last boss. Cast your spells on him from the landing where you first enter the room.

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