Guild Recruitment tool horribly broken

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Guild recruitment tools are horribly broken and unusable in its current format.

fixes needed:

-Recruitment Que-
guild leaders approve a member to be recruited. Right now the guild recruitment tool only allows the Guild Master only to recruit, and they can only recruit that person if they are online. you rarely see them online as players do not understand that they can ONLY be recruited if they are ONLINE. This fix allows a person to log on their character, to receive a guild invite request stating "your application to [guild name] has been approved, would you like to join this guild at this time? (n/y dialogue)

Guild leaders should be allowed to set guild recruitment to automatic accept, so that the guild master does not need to be online to accept a request to join a guild. I would also urge that those that use the auto accept will be charged an amount to auto join a guild. Impatience should come at a price.

-Recruitment Checklist-
Allow the guild master to have the option to unlock recruit checklist approvals to be granted by officers or by rank. At present ONLY the guild master can approve new recruits.

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