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Surely, I must be mistaken...

I have the wow remote armory app on my phone so I can log into guild chat if my net is down or I'm away from my computer and can't make a raid or something. I only turn it on for those purposes. I'm also one of those folks who doesn't just minimize apps but actively closes them. Today, I received a whisper from a friend from within WoW through the app. Working as intended... except:

1. Nearly all guild members with mobile apps on their phone logged on simultaneously today.

2. I didn't open the app. The only apps I had open were my email, calendar, and the TimePlay app from cineplex last night. I know because I checked this morning and only 3 were running and 4 show per 'slide'.

3. When I noticed the notification from the whisper I clicked on it and THEN it logged me in.

If I made a mistake and just had it minimized (which seems completely reasonable) then I somehow missed this app that has been running for apx 4 days when I close down apps (and hence see running apps) several times a day. Is it possible it was running and it wasn't displayed properly?

Did I just miss this app running somehow or is this a feature I was unaware of etc.?
Have you tried explicitly logging out of Guild Chat in the mobile app? You will remain logged in to WoW, but denoted with a "mobile away" icon (yellow clock with radio waves coming off of it), unless you explicitly log out of the Guild Chat feature in the app. If you accept push notifications from the Mobile Armory, these will also continue to be sent to your device unless you sign off. Please confirm if this resolves the issue.
I am having similar issues. I am unsure why when you press "Log out" from the Remote app's main page that you aren't actually logging out. Why do I still get notifications from chat? How is that logical? By pressing a button that is supposed to log me out of the app and it instead keeps me logged in is the opposite of what I wanted to do when I press that button, which is to log out. Does this make sense, Wilebosk? I press "Log out". Seems pretty clear that I should in fact, be logged out of the app and not still logged in after pressing "log out". Let me break it down some more.

Login: I should be able to use any of the app's features.
Minimize: You could argue either way for whether or not the app functions should continue to give me notifications or not. It's reasonable to accept the fact that this can be configured in the iPhone's notification setting area.
Logout: I should not be able to use any of the app's features.

Just makes pretty clearcut sense to me. Logging out needs to, infact, log you out of the app. #)(*$@#$)*#&%!!!!

Edit: So I just did what you advised, I logged out using the drop down menu to explicitly "Go Offline" and I still had the yellow mark next to my name in game. App is broken.

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