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Preliminary notes.

I firstly want to note that the original guild thread is not being reposted in its entirety. This is a cut down version of the original thread, and as a result it offers far less info about the guild. If you're interested in reading the original thread, which is far more detailed and contains all the info you'll ever need about us, that can be found right here:


I also want to thank the Shieldpaw Shao’din, League of Lordaeron, and Dominion of the Sun for their guild threads. I’ve ‘borrowed’ elements from the format of each of the threads to create this one, as I’m terrible at creating wholly original designs.

Additionally, it ought to be known that despite my guild tag, the guild is called the Order of the Elder Orchid formally. In Character, the Order of the Orchid is shorthand that many people use to refer to the order. The only reason the actual guild is not named 'Order of the Elder Orchid' is simply because it was one character too long.

Table of Contents

I. Basic Information
II. Explanation of the Guild’s IC goals, purposes, and structure.
III. Mission Statement and Guild’s OOC Goals.
IV. Types of Roleplay the Guild will partake in.
V. Ranking System Overview.
VI. Raven’s Branch.
VII. Owl’s Branch.
VIII. Crow’s Branch.
IX. Requirements and Rules.

I. Basic Information.

Detailed Thread: Tinyurl.com/elderorchid
Guild Name: Order of the Elder Orchid.
Level: 25.
Guild Leader: Ferenold
IC leader: Lord Vanston, Ferenold and Torean in positions of power.
Motto: We shall not forget the land from which we were born.
Faction: Alliance.
RP: Heavy
PvP: Light-Medium.
PvE: Casual
Guild Officers: Vanston, Ryshken, Shennae, Gerrel.
Website: elderorchid.enjin.com
II. Explanation of the Guild’s IC goals, purposes, and structure.

The Order of the Elder Orchid is a group of Gilneans that have banded together in hopes of preserving Gilnean Culture, upkeeping Gilnean lore, encouraging the repopulation of Gilneas, and establishing their own village on the southern part of Gilneas, in the hopes of creating a town that is both self-sufficient and representative of the tenacity of the Gilnean people. The town, as has been stated in the IC portion of this, shall be located just east of the Blackwald in a place known as Glenwood.

It was established by a triumvirate, Ferenold Stormshend, Torean Austerlitz, and Lord Vanston. However, Lord Vanston holds the most power as he is the Lord whose resources are closest, and he is the de facto leader of the Order of the Elder Orchid. However, both Ferenold and Torean hold considerable amounts of power, Torean being the leader of the military segment, and Ferenold being the leader of the cultural/spiritual segment himself.

The order plans to do far more than merely establish a village: Ultimately, they will seek to go on small journeys throughout Gilneas itself, to recover lost relics, to chart out forgotten lands, and even to take pilgrimages, for the pious that there are among them. They are –not- a guild that is dedicated solely to fighting the forsaken, and I cannot stress this enough, because it’s very important.

We do have a military segment of the guild, and that will be explicated on later.

III. OOC Mission Statement and the Guild’s OOC Goals.

The Order of the Elder Orchid is a new, Gilnean-themed guild. We have many long-term and short-term goals, but first and foremost we wish to do the following:

-Promote an immersive, realistic environment for Gilneans to interact within-

This means that although we don’t expect everybody to be a stereotypical Gilnean we want everyone in the guild to seek to portray a character that is –real-. That has an actual personality, set of traits, and behaves like any person would. In other words, we want you to strive to make your character the most rounded that it can be, even if the character is focused on certain aspects of life moreso then others. We will also want to keep OOC chatter to a minimum during roleplaying, as this is a heavy roleplaying guild that seeks to immerse in a setting that is decidedly Gilnean.

-Create a storyline that is engaging, original, and allows room for character development.-

This is moreso on the burden of the three people leading the guild than anyone else, as we are going to set the foundation for the story-line and guide it along. However, it’s also important for players within the guild to interact and give the storyline a chance, even if there are elements of it they may be less then savvy about. Of course, if there are repeated concerns about the nature of the storyline, it’s always up to be changed or altered.

-Create an environment that allows for new roleplayers to flourish.-

We don’t want to exclude newer roleplayers from our storyline or our guild in the slightest, and we want to be able to accept newer roleplayers, and help them improve. Both IC and OOC actions will be taken to make sure this is wholly possible.

-Create an environment that allows for different kinds of Gilnean roleplayers to floursh.-

It is our last intention to exclude people who roleplay certain characters from the guild, but it happens with many guilds, and this one is definitely not an exception. That being said, we will seek to allow as many different kinds of roleplayers into the guild, as long as it is in harmony with the aforementioned goals, and the guild’s theme.

It’s partially why the three IC leaders of the guild are vastly different. Ferenold is a deeply religious keeper of the Elder Ways that wishes to return to an ancient time, and despises industrial Gilneas as well as much of the city, and also has a casual disdain for politics. Vanston is a conservative Lord, also a pious man, but pious in the Light above all things. He also has a flair for politics and diplomacy. Torean meanwhile, is a more liberal, secular Lord, but he simultaneously is a vigorous fighter. We believe the diversity in the guilds top will allow for a large amount of diversity at the bottom.

-Stimulate and inspire Gilnean Roleplay across the server-

This is something we aim to do after the guild is firmly set. We don’t want to make people join the guild to get a slice of our roleplay, so we are inviting people to come visit the small town that we establish is one of the many ways we aim to foster Gilnean roleplay on Moon Guard.
IV.Types of Roleplay the Guild will partake in.

-Casual roleplay in the town.
-Defense of the town.
-Councils, elections.
-Drafting a small constitution for the town.
-Ritual in the Old Ways.
-Festivals and Ceremony.
-Recovery of lost texts and relics.
-Defense of the town against forsaken.
-Defense of the town against inner enemies.
-Merchant-work, crafting.
-Times of famine, the harvest.
-Scouting, exploration

V.Ranking System overview.

Three various branches of the Order of the Elder Orchid have been established: The raven’s branch, the owl’s branch, and the crow’s branch. Not everyone in the Order is in one of the branches; indeed, the vast majority are citizens: Farmers, merchants, or laborers that never enlist in one of the three branches.

None of the branches are completely distinct. We won’t even be having specific roleplaying events for each of the branches at first, as we know that many players will want to enter multiple branches. To that end, anybody can participate in the defending of the town, even if you’re not necessarily one of the militiamen. Anyone will be able to participate in politics, even if they don’t have the same say as somebody in the owl’s branch does. The guild is a unified whole more than anything else.

The branches are merely meant as a framework, even a guideline. It’s why there is a very distinct possibility that –another- branch will open up, that deals primarily with scholarly and cultural work, but for those that don’t want to join the Keepers of the Old Ways. There’s also a possibility that a branch will open up for craftsmen. We want to be sure to include as many Gilneans as we can, while still staying true to the setting we’re in.

VI.Raven’s Branch.

The Raven’s branch has two subsects within it, which deal with the cultural elements and religious elements of the township. The two branches are the Clergy and the Keepers. They are the so-called spiritual branch of the Gilnean Orchid, dealing with the health of the people’s spirit.

The majority of the town inevitably will come to worship the Light, and thus the Clergy is primarily concerned with the spiritual health of the town itself, and thus they normally stay in the town, giving liturgies and blessings. Of the Clergy itself, there are a total of 4 ranks.

Bishops are the leaders of the entire clergy, and they have jurisdiction over the rest of the clergy that is very clear-cut and direct. They control what manner of theology is taught, what liturgies are given, and how much of traditional Gilnean story is incorporated into the Light’s teachings. Of course, they’re not omnipresent, so Priests generally do have a degree of control over their own teachings. Priests are also official ordained by the Bishop or another Priest.

Lay-priests meanwhile, are those whom do know most theology and are close to the Light, but have not yet been officially ordained. Chances are, they still have some learning left to go, but they often do have the ability to heal and even give liturgy if a Priest is not currently present. Lastly, Novice Priests are those whom have recently entered the clergy, and are being taught.

-Novice Priest.

Classes: Priests, Paladins.

The Keepers meanwhile, are concerned with the health of a minority of the town that practices the Old Ways, and they also perform the various ceremonies that are not strictly Light-based, such as Hallow’s End. They often venture outside the town to bless the farmlands with the earth’s blessing, and to recover artifacts, as well as make sure Gilnean culture remains intact. There are also 4 ranks of the Keepers.

Hierophant. (Ferenold Stormshend)
Keeper of the Old Ways.
Apprentice Keeper.
Novice Keeper.
Classes: Druids, hunters.
IX. Owl’s Branch.

There are no sub-sects of the Owl’s Branch, and it consists almost entirely of ambassadorial work, as well as the political manners within the town itself. Various trials are overseen by those within the Owl’s branch, and disputes are also settled by those within this branch. Matters concerning food and all other temporal matters are settled within a gathered council of all the people in this branch. It consists of 4 ranks.

The Lord is present at all meetings and has an enormous influence in the town, but not a direct, clear-cut veto he can make against laws that are passed. The mayor is the person in the highest position upon a provincial council of sorts, composed of elected officials.

Senators are the other elected officials, who together have a power that equals or perhaps even exceeds that of a mayor. Notables are those whom are striving to become Senators most often, and they are well known throughout the town despite not necessarily being elected quite yet.

-Lord. (Vanston.)

Classes: Any.

VIII. Crow’s Branch.

The last branch, although perhaps the most important of them all, is that of the Crow. It consists mainly of the town’s defense, both internal and external. For now, the town plans to not assemble an army but instead a simple militia, which it will use to defend the town from the threats that plague it.

The Militia Captain runs almost all of the affairs of the Militia, and is known for his cunning, wits, and ability to mobilize the militia quickly. Lieutenants are trusted militiamen whom the Militia Captain entrusts with commanding moderately sized groups of soldiers. Militiamen are the rank-and-file unit, having moved beyond recruit-hood to officially be in the militia. And lastly, a militia recruit is a new soldier that is not yet an official part of the Militia, but strives to be.

-Militia Captain. (Torean Austerlitz.)
-Militia Lieutenant
-Militia recruit.

Classes: Warriors, rogues, mages, warlocks (hidden), hunters.

XIX.Requirements and Rules.


-We don’t have any requirements pertaining to your OOC character.
-Thus no level requirement, no need to promise to PVP or PVE.
-A basic command of the English Language.
-A willingness to learn and improve.
-A willingness to follow lore and set your character within the WoW universe.

Rules: I don’t want to sound moralizing, so I’m going to make this fairly brief.

-No griefing
-No trash-talking other roleplayers in guild chat.
-Use common sense; be respectful of your fellow roleplayer, etc.
-Be willing to accept advice/criticism.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread! For the Glory of Gilneas!
Reserved for any more information.
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Or ancient aliens.
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Nevermoor is fast becoming Augustine.
Ferenold hath become Zarathustra, Light-blessed.
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Ferenold hath become Zarathustra, Light-blessed.

Can't we just say he's Jesus and have a nice day?
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Ferenold hath become Zarathustra, Light-blessed.

Can't we just say he's Jesus and have a nice day?

too mean to the poor.
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Ferenold hath become Zarathustra, Light-blessed.

Can't we just say he's Jesus and have a nice day?

For some reason, the line "He doesn't look like jesus, but he, talks like a gentlemen..." From that one Killers song fits Ferenold perfectly.
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