[H-10] <Scientific Method> 3/13HM LF Tank

Scientific Method is a "semi" hardcore guild that has been actively raiding on US-Stormreaver since early 2010. We have recently decided to make the transition from 25man raiding to 10man raiding in order to become a more focused and determined team. We love to have fun while wiping to, and occasionally killing a raid boss or two (including hardmodes), but we all pretend to have lives outside of video games.

We are looking for players who enjoy the community of being in a guild. Our roster has many casual and retired raiders who still hang out in the guild and do things such as PvP, PuGs, dungeons, or even other games like LoL, Startcraft 2, and Diablo III.

We want players who are serious about finding a guild they can stay in for several raid tiers and expansions, and can help us further our development into a top 10man guild on our server while still maintaining our casual atmosphere and 3 day raiding schedule. We are expecting to make a bigger push for hardmode progression in 5.4. With that comes higher expectations of our raiders.

You should have a very in-depth knowledge of your class, not just the tunnel vision DPS/HPS/TPS rotation, but an understanding of your defensive CDs, your CC, and any other utility that your class can bring to benefit yourself and/or the raid. This includes knowing all of your talents and glyphs, and when and how they can be useful. You are expected to stay up to date on current theorycrafting for your class, always striving to play better every week.

Progression-wise, we are currently 3/13 in Heroic Mode tier 15, 4/16 in Heroic Mode Tier 14. We were 6/8 in 10/25man Heroic Dragon Soul, and 7/7 in 10/25man Heroic Firelands. We would like for your experience to be on par or better than our current progression.

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-11 CST (server), with raid invites starting 15 minutes before raid start. We require a 90% attendance rate, barring extenuating circumstances, or unless specifically discussed prior to joining the guild. We also do weekend raids occasionally, but they are not required.

We are always looking for any exceptional players. If you think you are good and can impress us on your application, you will be considered regardless of our current class needs, however we are especially on the lookout for:

1: Tank - Protection Paladin, Brewmaster Monk, Blood DK, Prot Warrior, Guardian Druid

1: Melee DPS (Preferably with tank OS) - Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Windwalker Monk

1: Ranged DPS - Mage, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Warlock

1: Healer - Holy Paladin

If you are interested in joining, please submit an application on our website forums (http://smguild.com). You may contact Skaaya, Caliosidhe or Soltarii (Urumii#1963) in game with any questions or concerns about joining.
Our GM likes to walk off any platform that he can find.
I prefer dying to the elevator boss
We had our share of people who preferred that as well.
Unfortunately most of our roster didn't make it through the apocalypse, so we're recruiting again.
We had good players once. It was awful.
I went to a fight the other day, and a hockey game broke out.
When talking in vent, I frequently cut off the end of my sente
Our guild is slowly filling up with more and more Canadians.
if you are still looking for a hpally i would be interested in talking to you- my current guild just raids too much for me..some weeks 5 days are scheduled..i want a guild that does set raid times and gets content down during that time. i always show up or give plenty of notice. Anyway, if you're still looking please let me know. :)
< Rank 1 Holy Paladin
All of Guild Portal's sites have been down for about three days. They're back up now and we're still recruiting a healer for an immediate spot to work on hardmodes.
Trying to replace me already?
I've been trying to replace you for centuries.
Guess I'm like a cockroach nothing can get rid of me. Not even you!
It's a good thing we RAID every week.

So about that recruiting still looking for people that want to raid.
Still Recruiting.
Recruiting 1-2 DPS now. Super bonus points if you have a tank OS for the few occasions when a tank is absent.

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