The poster above you is an NPC

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Personal guard of an Alliance leader.
According to those goggles, you could be a creep to peaks under women dresses, when asked "What are you doing?" You reply "I'm looking for the bad guys, nope not here"

Whao can NPCs even do that? Sorry I got sidetracked

Former Overlord of the Horde, demoted for speaking against Garrosh. Foiled an assassination attempt by Malkorok and is helping to create a network of rebels to eventually topple Garrosh. Is something of a hero among the rank and file, even among Garrosh supporters.
Nothing against Garrosh, but that does sound pretty cool, like my character is important
@ Rodasmo - Orc questgiver in borean tundra
Wandering priest trainer in IF.
Someone dancing in the Alliance Brawler's Guild place.
Barmaid on a pub in Quel'Thalas
The only Worgen Death Knight quest giver in Northrend.
Mage trainer in Silvermoon City.
Dog running around a city.

...wait a minute
Clearly the evil boss of the next expansion.

Edit: A bodyguard for Greatfather Winter. Although not so much as protecting him, as much as threatening anyone who doesn't give him cookies.
Christmas NPC hitting on players and giving gifts.
A new friend added to Halfhill Market as of patch 5.2.
A friendly vendor selling cupcakes in Hillsbrad Foothills. (pre-cata)
Netherstorm quest giver
Random Stormwind guard #617
@Renturia: Quest giver in EPL, fighting a wave of undead.

@Hainault: Santas sexy helper.
@Endryx i like your taste woman that looks like she fights spiders.
@hainault a christmas party gone wrong
@Endryx Twilight Drake disguised.
@Renturia: Quest giver in EPL, fighting a wave of undead.

@Hainault: Santas sexy helper.
An NPC that helps you along the Cataclysm Rogue's Legendary Quest, where you sneak through Gilneas.

EDIT: Dangit, beaten. A member of the Twilight Council, an enemy before Cho"Gall in BoT.
Jogu the Drunk asking for yet another drink.

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