Fastest 85-90 leveling for solo player???

I started doing quest chains in Panderia but it is going pretty slow. I read on another forum that you could level 85 - 90 in a single day by following the quest chains in Panderia.
The rate I am gaining exp that doesn't seam likely.
Is their some trick I am missing or is there some other activity I should be pursuing?
Should I skip some of the quest in the first lvl 85 zone and move on to one of the higher level zones?
Yes indeed you should. If I could only remember the path of quests you could take....
:) you can do it!

some pointers... use your SV spec get the misdirect glyph... create this macro and replace your keybind for misdirection for instances just /focus the tank at the start of the run. or use it without focus and it will md your pet.

/cast [@focus,exists,help][@pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection

the second you hit 86 go to valley of the 4 winds/karasang wilds... the second you hit 87 go to kunlai summit... then 88 townlong steppes... and 89 dreadwastes. pull extra mobs. use multi to keep stings on all. you'll hit 90 in no time flat.

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