[A] Fortify 13/14 in SoO: LFM

Fortify is a mature, laid back raiding guild supporting three different 10 man groups progressing separately, each raiding 2-3 nights a week for 8-9 hours total. Currently our furthest progressed group was 4/16H in T14, and is 4/13H so far in T15. Our teams are tightly knit, with a focus on progressing together. At the end of Cataclysm, we banded together and polished off Savior of Azeroth as well as our Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievements, and then went back for Heroic Ragnaros.

Because we're running multiple progression groups, we always have people online for enchantments, gems, as well as heroics, scenarios, and LFR (which we have a regularly scheduled weekend group for as well!). Guild chat is lively, but quickly pruned of bigotry, in order to make a comfortable environment for all.

About our Raid Groups (All times Kel'Thuzad Server time)

Late Night (Flex Raid)
7 pm - Finish
Needs: Open Recruitment, accepting all.

Early Team
Wednesday, Thursday
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Needs: Recruiting, contact an officer for details

Bee Team
Tuesday & Thursday
6:00 - 10:00
Needs: More! Contact an officer for details

Interested in Applying?

Visit guild site: http://www.fortify-guild.com
Or contact an officer in-game!

Thank you for reading! Hope to see you In-game!
submitted app for perusal, perhaps i'll be a decent fit
Up you go!
Bump! come play with me and my good friends~~~
We've got a few groups that are looking to fill lots of spots to get back off the groud, so if you're cool & want to play but think you might be behind the curve, check out Fortify & see if we have something that works for you.
Needs more red shoes
01/30/2013 01:02 AMPosted by Ayeffkay
Needs more red shoes

Cool name.
Bump! Our heroic group (6-10 server time, tues/thus) is looking for someone new in time for 5.2. Since it's a new tier - you don't need to be decked out in current gear to come and progress with us, you just need to be interested in fighting challenging content.

We do however, have a preference for either a DPS druid or a death knight, or someone really good at another non-Protector token class (there are no good rogues)
Another bump. One of our groups (4/16H, 6-10pm Tues/Thus) is still looking for one more new person in time for 5.2! It's a new tier - and we're willing to bring on any exceptional, motivated player that wants to raid with us! Ideally we'd love a moonkin, shadowpriest, or mage, but we're open to anyone who's got raid experience, a bit of talent, and fits in with us.

Our other group (8-11pm Wed/Thus/Mon) is just about ready to shine as well, but they're still one dps short. They're looking mostly for a warlock or mage, but they're flexible.

Contact me in game on Dukrune/Dukberry/Dukruin, or visit fortify-guild.com & applyl
Bump! Fortify's Early group is recruiting one dps, preferably a warlock or a mage. They're still early on in Throne of Thunder and spend time during their raid week gearing up in HoF & ToES.

Contact me in game on Dukrune/Dukberry/Dukruin, or visit fortify-guild.com & applyl
New drive bump, we're recruiting DPS for my group (8/12); preferably a Moonkin or a Mage, but any good ranged DPS would be considered! Our other guild group is also looking for backups.

Contact me in game @ Dukrune/Dukberry/Dukruin, or visit fortify-guild.com & apply
Free bump for ma ducky
bumping because some people don't like showing up for their new raids~

still need a ranged dps for our 9/12 group
I'm interested. I'll put in an app on the website tonight.
I'd be interested in your late night Tuesday group. I'll look for members on line, or hit me up in game.
To be clear: The late night group is actually on Wednesday now, and they're recruiting pretty quick, though I think they still need 2-3 more people (including a non-warrior tank)

Our 3-nights weekly groups has finally found it's feet and killed Tortos this week, they're likely to kill Megaera on Monday.

Bee team is 10/12 now, with the hopes that after a short week next week, we'll be able to pound down Twin Consorts and Lei Shen the week after.

Bee team is still recruiting to fill out our tenth spot with a decent Mage or Moonkin (though any decent ranged DPS would be seriously conisdered), and we're also interested in your healer w/ a DPS offspec. For us or for late group, you can apply online @ our website, or you can just contact me (dukrune/dukberry/dukruin) in game to talk about details.
Late group loves to raid
Bee Team is on the cusp of slaying the Dread Pirate Lei Shen but we need reinforcements!! We're recruiting atleast 1 healer and atleast 1 ranged dps, for our 6-10pm group on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If interested, inquire @ fortify-guild.com or whisper me ingame on Dukrune/Dukberry/Dukruin, or my stalwart compatriot on Hiro/Hito. Currently we can make most any class combination work.

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