<Serious Casual> 1/12HM - LF RDPS

<Serious Casual> RUM
Server: Mal'ganis US PVP Horde
Tier 15: 1/12 HM
Tier 14: 8/16H 16/16N

We are currently looking for talented, mature players. Our motto is "Get your hard mode fix without a hardcore schedule.", and we stick by this. The raiding atmosphere in Serious Casual - RUM is something that you can find nowhere else. We are a group of talented, seasoned players looking to have fun while at the same time completing content.

Is this group for you?:
If you can answer yes to:
  • I want to raid in Hard Modes of the current tier but my time schedule does not allow me to be online for more than 4-5 days, and a few hours every play session.
  • I know how to play my class optimally and I keep up-to-date on current min/maxing for my class. I am properly gemmed, reforged, and enchanted.
  • I can be online, attentive, and give complete dedication during raid times.
  • I am knowledgeable about every fight of the current tier either by watching guide videos or completing the encounter myself.
  • I want to be respected during raid times and expect to be treated in a calm manner, yet at the same time I can take criticisms from class leads.

If you answered "Yes!" to the above, we really would like to meet with you! (Regardless of class, however look below for our recruitment needs. We are seeking these classes for core spots currently.)

Current recruiting needs:

Druid - Boomkin
Priest - Shadow

Shaman - Resto

If your class is not listed but you feel you still meet the criteria for our raid, please contact us. We are always looking for exceptionally talented, mature players, who want to push progression content 9 hours per week, in a calm and courteous environment, while being treated with respect. Every applicant will be promptly reviewed regardless of class. If you outperform our current raider of the same class, chances are you will still have a core spot with us.

When does Serious Casual raid?:
Schedule: The 25 man group (RUM) raids 3 nights per week (M, W, Th) from 8:30-11:30pm EST.

History: <Serious Casual> is an offshoot of Elitist Jerks for the players who don't have as much time to raid anymore. We are a large guild with many raiding groups, and our only 25-man raiding group is known as "RUM". We are currently a top 350 (US) raiding group, and ended last tier top 250 US.

We are mostly comprised of ex-hardcore players and skilled casuals who focus on hard mode encounters. We take progression at our own pace, yet consistently have player performances that stay competitive on world ranks, and usually stay within the top 10 guilds (25s) on our server. We are always looking for talented, mature players who want a hardmode fix but don't have a hardcore schedule.

As one player recently told me, "I want to do hard modes without being treated like dog crap." We have a calm, friendly vent environment and do not tolerate offensive language.

How to Apply?
- Recruitment Officer Btag: Tepet#1622
- See our recruiting website: http://seriouscasualrum.com.
- Wow Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/Serious+Casual/rating.tier14_25
- Serious Casual Elitist Jerks Forum (Benefactor Only): http://elitistjerks.com/f49/

*Most of our players are working professionals. We are an older crowd. If you're under 20 years old, this may not be the place for you.

**Updated to reflect our current progression on heroics.
Well said Skye. Check us out! We are looking for players!
If you're looking to raid and can only commit a few hours a week but still want to kill bosses... Get in touch with us!!
these guys own!
Still looking for a Disc priest!
We're looking for all classes, including tanks! Apply to join us at RUM! Calm, friendly raid environment that gets stuff killed. :]
Where's them warlocks at? Searching for an exceptional warlock for a core spot immediately! :)
What if one can only make 2/3 raid days?

I have this alt toon and a 486 Ret(Mostly in LFR gear) for that very reason that I am very casual now. I use to be hardcore, until I got married, had a kid then RL kicked in. Is this is okay, Ill throw in an app.

I believe a bump is in order here. Some cool peeps! <3 Epík
mmm Heroics!
still looking
Hey, i'd love to join you guys. please check my armory n gear. i just started PvEing again. been PvPing the whole season and now i wana start clearing raids like the old days!

feel free to drop an app!
heroic feng down, come join us for heroic fun!
Serious need for some ranged DPS in our raid group!
Still need some more ranged! Check out our website! :)
still lookin
Congrats <Serious Casual> RUM on an awesome kill of Heroic Elegon last night! Still looking for exceptional DPS too, so go apply on our website!
Our 'Last Pull of the Night' heroic kill strategy is working to perfection. If you're a non-priest ranged DPS, you should come over and make fun of our melee.
Or you can come make fun of me. At least thats what most of the melee does :(

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