<Serious Casual> 1/12HM - LF RDPS

We are still looking for killer DPS. I invite you to check out our guild.
Looking forward to Heroic Spirit Kings and Will this week. :)
Sent an application via website and realID request to the realID provided. Looking forward to hearing back.
lookin for some ranged!
Amazing awesome spectacular kill on Heroic Spirit Kings last night everyone! :)
MY SHIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Druids, if you can DPS or heal, WE NEED YOU! ^^

Also, Blade Lord Ta'yak defeated. Whoot!
Good job to you guys.
Still looking for a boomkin
Don't forget about the melee! still looking for a feral druid, and a enh shaman. In addition to some really strong ranged!

Fantastic guild, great members -- and there's always cookies in the jar ='D
We're currently 8/16HMs. We need a druid of any spec pretty badly. Also willing to accept an Enh shaman.
Check us out for 5.2!~
Current needs are updated on the front page. We're an awesome group of friendly raiders, it's worth checking us out if you want to have a great time while raiding!
Really need some ranged DPS! :]
Boomkin's and Elemental Shaman's Where ARE YOU!? - We are want you. Come clear ToT!
Updated for 5.2. Already 3/12!

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