[A] <Demise>, lvl 25 Rp/Social Guild LFM.

Wyrmrest Accord
The lands have shifted as new and old threats attack our families. The horde, push ever harder to take what is ours, and a new alliance has been forged with Pandaria

All of this change has left some of us lost, and seeking new refuge.

<Demise> is a level 25 Social/roleplay guild, birthed from the ashes the Cataclysim, we rise up only together. Our name a remembrance of where we came from. We seek others along the way, pushing forward to carve out a new life in our forever changing world.

We are currently seeking roleplayers,
that want a friendly environment in which to start or jump into a storyline, and friendly people that are active, play the game for fun and just haven't found a home or are looking for a change of scenery.
We also try to encourage roleplay in and around Azeroth. Our only requirements are that you be active, and respectful. We ask only that you respect the roleplay and use of the ooc when observing or around world RP scenarios.

We are not strictly a roleplay guild.

We have several non-roleplayers that are in-guild from joining with a friend or just wanted to see what a Rp guild was like and stayed for the people. As well as casual raiders interested in endgame content. If that's you then we'd love to have you too! (And if you get the itch to try roleplaying with us that's great!)

What to expect:

When joining our guild, you will be welcomed by a variety of different people. All from casuals, raiders, PvPers and RPers. As a member, you will enjoy the level 25 perks the guild has to offer. Achievements for the guild offer all kinds of mounts, pets and heirlooms for your picking. On top of the guild perks, you are also opened to banking privileges and various raiding perks such as free gems, enchants and ect. Above all else, you get to be part of a very special family here at <Demise>. Meeting all types of individuals who are not only there to help you, but be your friend as well.
Hey look it's us! o.o
I know right, it's kind'a freaking me out too.

/shoos away crickets

Bumping! :D Hi everyone~~~~~!
I love this guild. You should join us too.

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