Best PvP Class Post 5.2

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01/31/2013 01:24 PMPosted by Ihuntgöds
erals get ruined in 5.2 actually.

Other than 1 burst/3min were pretty sad right now....
12/23/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Lureilyia

REALLY? You gotta be kidding me
Rogues. They're already in a good spot now and added to the fact that they are getting buffs next patch while other underpowered specs/classes are being ignored simply means they will go right back to being on top. If you can't beat em, join em.
Rogues will be fotm is 5.2

Hunters will always be OP because of the quickness of arcane shot.
Wheres shaman?
shaman. LAWL ^
Stay with 1-2 classes and never change for anything aside from literal boredom from playing for so long. The better acquainted you are with a class and the nerfs/buffs/skill changes that come your way, the better you'll be at adapting to changes in the future and at playing the class in general.
12/23/2012 02:31 PMPosted by Hafleur
Shadow Priests are somehow escaping the nerf bat and are looking extremely good. Arms will likely remain pretty good. Feral is getting nerfed hard. Rogues and Windwalkers are getting huge buffs, if the patch goes through as is. BM is good and also easy. I'm not sure how mages and warlocks will be.

Actually Shadow got a big nerf, just go to the Priest Forums.
spriest, hunter, maybe mage.

spriest are already really good and getting buffed. So is disc. Easiest class to swap between dps/healing too. Hunters have always been the safe bet though. They have never been majorly nerfed. Sure they have had them and a los issue, but always remain mid to top tier for PvP. Never roll a shaman.

Where are people getting info that Spriest are getting buffed. Last patch notes I read stated differently?
12/23/2012 03:09 AMPosted by Toskosa
disc priest. have fun.

I have been having a BLAST
12/23/2012 02:28 AMPosted by Kungfool what you find fun!

Do that.
What is the best PVP hunter class



Awre one sakes butt rogue
Well were taking a huge hit in patch 5.2 as it is. What more can they take from us. Natures vigil down by 10% from 20%. Twenty sec Cd on cyclone for feral as if diminishing returns is not enough. It can only be cast twice before immune. displace beast still ports but now no stealth and increases movement speed for 4 sec by 50%. Right useless as feral for the most part but great for heals and boomkin. But the big one, and i want to know who could even think this makes sense. Give us a set bonus that increases movement speed by 15 percent but then dont let it stack with feral swiftness. the only real choice on the first line of a talent tree. What other class is getting nerfed twice on one talent line. why give us the set bonus at all .. whats the bonus. All i see is if you where pvp gear your loosing a talent tree choice. How much did the guy that thought this up get paid. I think he needs his pay nerfed. Blizz is the really the best you can do? So god please lets not hear anymore talk of more nerfs to feral druids come patch 5.3 and beyond .. you finally fixed us after all these years and gave us a few things that actually work and now your taking them all away.
01/31/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Esclamayshun
Mage. Never in the history of WoW have mages been nerfed to the point they were unviable.

this this and this a thousand times over.
Here is some more information on the best pvp classes of 5.1 and 5.2. There is some interesting data included.
Every new season every single class claims they are getting nerfed. If you believe the forums no class will be good in 5.2.
Sure is a lot of hate on for shamans. I PvP with my hunter, shaman, Warrior, and rogue, The most fun i have ever had pvping is on my Shaman, I dominated back in cata one on one we have so much utility heals burst kiting CC movement speed increases so to every one hating on Shamans you must all have no idea how to play one. Just my opinion.
Ret pala is going to be sick with 5.2.

the 4 piece bonus for pvp is nuts.

Imagine Sanctified wrath on a 1min 55sec cooldown.. (30 sec burst)
OMFG people are going to F-ING DIE!

so theres really only 1min 25secs inbetween bursts and our self healing is getting a major buff.

+ Our HOS is getting a major buff also.
I'd look out for ret pallies in 5.2.
Having played a lot of PVP on this toon and assuming everyone has the same gear - hunter. Faced against a skilled BM hunter, you are basically dead. Yes, I'm admitting that SKILLED hunters are OP.

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