<A> Phoenix Reborn Recruiting

Burning Legion
Phoenix Reborn is now recruiting for a hardcore raid group. Need all. We are a fun and friendly Guild, but now it's time to get stuff done.

Raid Nights
Wednesday 8-11pm
Thursday 8-11pm

Looking for
1 Tank (525k HP Not Stam stacked)
2 Heals (Atleast 35HPS)
6 Dps (50-60k DPS)

Must meet the Following Requirements
470ilvl min (Little to no PVP gear)
Deadly Boss Mods, Vent (Mic Preferred but not required)
Be Gemmed, Enchanted, and Reforged for your role.
Come prepared (15 minutes early for Invite) with enough flasks and potions for a 3 hour raid.
Be able to follow directions and execute actions quickly.
Work on bettering your toon outside of raids the best you can.
Must make 85% of the raids.

If you are interested in joining send me a ingame mail and we will set up a time to talk.

Spärks the ä is alt 0228

Looking to start raid group 01/02/13

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