Question on LFR queue times and odd behavior

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I realize that queueing as dps for any LFR is generally a long wait; however, it seems to have gotten worse lately, with up around an hour (due to lack of healers, I think). But this is all besides the point. My question is follow...

I've noticed that sometimes after having been in queue for quite a while (maybe 10 or 20 minutes, I'm not really sure exactly how long), I'll go to mouse over the little LFR circle around my minimap so I can see if the average wait time has changed or not, but for some reason it no longer displays the average wait time. I mean it's simply just not there, however it still tells me how long I've been in queue. And then oddly enough, I can sometimes mouse over it again a few minutes later and it'll be working again and tell me what the average wait time is.

Anyone else ever noticed this?
When you mouse over the icon on the mini-map, your requesting a new average time from the server.

Like most things in life, it's not instant.

So the next time you mouse over, it's giving you that re-calculated average wait time.

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