New character... and guild!

I'm looking to start a new character and a new guild... I'm looking for interested and ''casual'' player's to quest and have fun!

Main goal is of course... RP and PVP...

Anyone interested?
Yes,vague thing is vague.

What sort of RP/PvP guild did you have in mind? Will there be a particular theme?

More importantly, good luck with your endeavor!
First things first...

Start new characters, and build up a guild and afterwards, depending on how the player's preferences... Go from there.

I've been away from WOW for some time and would like to get back into the game fresh...

I'm aware this post is from late December. Are you still interested in connecting/rerolling?

My husband and I are running a small family-friendly guild Horde side Ravenholdt.

There aren't many of us, but we are working on bolstering our numbers as we are interested in raiding and just enjoying the game as a guild. We enjoy the company of like-minded folks and would do our best to help with rerolls.

If interested, contact KIMJI Horde side to talk a bit more.

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