WTT wow gold for D3 gold/gear(have 100k gold)

Hi! i have quite alot of gold on Blackrock right now and looking to spend 100k wow gold for d3 gold. Comment how much gold(at least 100mil) u'd like to trade or what gear(DH, CM mage) u'd like to trade.
for gear, i only trade with full set.
the current conversion rate is 20k wow gold for 26.86$, 80mil in diablo at .33cent is 26$. ill do 80mil for 20k wow gold if you want.

Add me lvskhoi@yahoo.com if interested.
cool. i sent request for friend i might be on wow/d3 around 6pm server time.
still need more!!
If youd like to hit me up my btag is vexest#1869
I have 140M HC D3 Gold I am looking to get WOW Gold prefer Dark Iron Server

i have about 200mill d3 gold soft core with a full build for all toons dh cm wiz ww barb monk and witchdoctor add kipper#1803 if ud like 2 trade.

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