[H] Vanquished 10M 13/14HM LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Tank/dps, yep!
MS Dps or Tank? I do have a 494 Dps Warrior
I liked you better when you were a zombie. :(
Ouch </3
I don't have anyone to eat my brains now... /sob
It's okay I've still got you covered
get around us
a WIZZZZZZZZARD would be nice.
Up you go. LF healers/deeeeps
real talk son
Wizards get in me
Tanks, mages, laser turkeys. Get in here
If you wanna start raiding 3 hours later, I'll tank for you :D
Why haven't you added my battletag yet Jelly
Because I am the batman.
I'm a pretty orc now, pls we need frens
cash money
get on up

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