A-Carebears LF2 DPS 4/13 H +8GMT

Stop making fun of my favorite care bear.
His nose is fine.
The only issue with care bears is that there all horde.
Also they all run away from me and they refuse to even give me a hug.:(
Anymore aps out there??
need a dk still?
edit : sorry didnt saw the ilvl requirement
Carebears is looking for a healer! Please apply if you feel you would fit this team :)
<3 Mooshie
BUMP - WE are looking for 1 dps currently! Please apply!!
We are still looking for a DPS :)
Elemental Shaman or Mage.
6 hours per week raiding with very skilled players.
Relaxed raid environment.
Good progression - 8/16Heroics T14, 2/12N T15.

Bump - Please apply
Mooshie <3
Still chasing a dps! :)
Are there any DPS out there?!? :)
Bumping, we are still looking for applicants
bump 4 frend


lf new ret pally that can out burst a rogue xoxox

but srsly, lf something blue to fill us with buffs. BUFFS.
Pls be our vending machine.
Hi there,

I am a spriest from Barthilas that is looking for a raid group and wouldn't mind transferring over to Frostmourne if there's a core spot for me.

My raiding experience for 5.1(Pre-nerf) are:

3/6HM HoF
4/4NM ToES

I am currently 10/16hm and 6/12NM for ToT.

So if u are interested in recruiting me, drop me a tell. Thanks!
Dem Priests.
We are currently looking for a healer for our team!

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