A-Carebears LF2 DPS 4/13 H +8GMT

Any chance of an open recruitment for Surv Hunter?
Hi Thronya, not at the moment. We are just need 1 healer. Our raid leader is our hunter so we probably wont need one ever! :)
Any healers out there!?!?
Healers! Where are you?? :)
Any healers out there??
Bump for the Moosh!
Thanks Cosma :)
Bump for mushie.
Bump - We have now moved to Alliance we are still looking for a healer and some DPS
Bump! We have moved to Alliance :) Surely there are some Alliance people out there looking for a raid team :)
Bumping for healers/dps
We are still taking applicants for a DPS & Healer
Got a need for destro/demo lock?
Welcome to Alliance Mooshie and friends
We are still taking applications for a healer :) Please apply via our forums
Bump for 1 dps
Looking for Ranged or Melee dps?

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