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Hi, I didn't find a suggestion thread about this topic so I decided to start one of my own.

I think the Alliance Brawler's Guild area could use a redesign. Specifically, the floor is FAR too deep for spectators to see it all without awkwardly positioning the camera in the low-ceiling pub, and the walls restrict camera movement potential for the participants. In comparison, the Horde Brawler's area is a level area with only a low fence and a few pillars creating the barrier. I'm all for diversity and fighting homogenization, but can we get a little more semblance between these two heavily-used playgrounds? It would make Alliance-side live-streaming so much more appealing to the viewers.

Not asking for a fantastical reimagining of Bizmo's pub - just asking to raise the floor up. :)
Bump. Horde's is very camera friendly; in alliance I can't see squat if I'm near a wall.
Can we also get rid of the "Brawl Enthusiasts" who 1-shot you, even if you're a non-member just there to watch a friend?

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