I got a new comp for xmas, it runs wow bad

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I was given a dell optiplex 740, it runs great and has a AMD Athlon (TM) 64 X2 Dual Core Procecessor 5600+2.90GHz, it is a desktop , ( I am HORRIBLE with computers) and wow ( my main use for the new desktop ) runs WORSE than my old laptop, and am looking for advice/solutions/update links anyone could offer, wow wont work on it well at all and if anyone has any ideas be it things to buy to upgrade my desktop or update links, anything that will help get it running decent-good-awesome. If a person SKILLED or EXPERIENCED in dealing with computer processors and such has any advice or links they could post for me to fix this issue and get wow running good, i would be Very grateful.
You don't say what the options were ( I looked up the model and it has a lot of options). If it just has onboard video that's part of your problem as well as the processor to a degree. Make sure you have at least 4 gig ram, a $150 graphics card will do (Make sure you have a PCIExpress slot). The dual core should be ok but I do know Wow is fairly processor intensive.

So in summary 4 gig ram, cheap graphics card and keep settings at medium @ 1080 and you should be good.
Did you turn on Direct X 11 in game menu? System>advanced>Graphic API. It have to be Direct X 11. Sometimes it is Direct X 9 by default.
thanks for the help!
First problem is that it is a DELL :P Anyways, yeah your going to lag out pretty bad with that processor too. Quad core would make it wayyyy better. Since you aren't good with computers ask your friends if any of them know how to put parts in one before attempting this: you need upgrades to play the game. Probably shouldn't have bought that computer if you were looking to play wow on it.

This link is supported graphics cards - your computer needs the juice as well to play the game (not just run it!)


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