Three to Four Looking for Guild

A group of friends and I are are looking for a new Alliance guild. We are looking for a social guild with some great people and a 2-3 night raiding schedule. We would be transferring to your server.

The toons that we bring with us include:
Healing Monk - Item Level 488
Tanking/DPS Monk - Item Level 483
Mage - Item Level 480
Druid Boomkin/Resto - Just hit level 90

We offer:
Extensive raiding experience
Social Players
Not looking to invade your raid team (just wanting a place to hang, play, improve guild numbers)
Everyone has been playing since Burning Crusades or Vanilla

Looking for a guild that is:
Social, long-established, stable, large
People that know how to play the game and raid
Interested in a 25 man guild (but not a requirement)

Please respond or msg with information that would help us make a decision regarding where we might be welcome.

(We will bring the pie, because pie is better than cake)
May want to create a character on Garona and speak with Sighbot, Frozeya, or Mafic in <The Empire>. They are the leaders of our 2nd raid group, which kicked off 2 weeks ago and is already through 6/6 MV and 3/6 HoF. They may have a few openings and would certainly be willing to discuss it with you.
Not to mention that The Empire is full of cool people with tons of game experience and knowledge :)

Here's our guildox profile -

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