European realms and down

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I'm writing this here because you might have a way to contact your European office and find out details for us. Currently, none of the European realms I play on (Turalyon, Steamwheedle Cartel, Turalyon, Bronzebeard, Shadowsong and others) are available to play on.

Wiped Cache and WTF folders.
Deleted the interface folder.
Logging in goes fine.
Loading the character selection screen goes fine.
Entering the game world shows the loading screen, which gets to up about 90% and then stops.
Then it either gives "World server is down." and returns to the character selection screen, or just gives "You have been disconnected from the server." and returns to the login screen.

Last night we had huge amounts of disconnects on all of the tested realms, now we haven't been able to login since the moment I woke up 9 hours ago.

I'd expect a big company like yourself to have SLA's with the connectivity providers to help resolve the issue within an hour, max 4, not take 6 and not even have any progress made.

I've tested the connectivity with 2 accounts, both from my server in the UK as well as from home and work in the Netherlands. Both locations have the same problem. My brother in his own home has the same problem.

The status message you see on the login screen is not elaborate enough, and simply put, it doesn't matter what it says anymore, it's taking way too long and is down (503 Service Temporarily Unavailable) for a while now, too, so we can't find information or post on the forums there!

Please supply us with any information you could find out?

Kind regards,

Tariqa of Steamwheedle Cartel, EU

:edit: And just as I wrote this after trying for ages, started working again. Leaving this post here, though. Will head to the forums there now, too.
Hi Faerwynn!

Our EU net admins have been working on this issue for about eight hours now. If you can access the page, the EU sticky for this issue is here.

Hopefully a solution will be found soon.

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