<Alwayz Naked> Recruiting for 25m

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<Alwayz Naked> is a 25man raid guild on Kel'Thuzad currently recruiting for ToT Progression.
We dont consider ourselves to be "hardcore" but we take raid time seriously and want to down
content at a consistent pace. If you know your class well and want to progress through ToT
maybe you can be a help to us, and us to you!

Current ToT Progress -
11/12 NM 25man
12/12 NM 10man

Raid Times -
Tuesday @ 7:30ST - 10:30ST
Wednesday @ 7:30ST - 10:30ST
Thursday @ 7:30ST - 10:30ST

Past Progress -
4/6 HM 25man MSV
2/6 HM 25man HoF
4/4 NM 25man ToES

Currently Recruiting -

Tanks - Open
Main Tank - Closed
Off Tank - Low

Healers - Open
Holy/Disc Priest - Medium
HPally - Medium
Mistweaver Monk - Medium
Resto Sham - Low
Resto Druid - Medium

DPS - Open

Melee - OPEN
DK - Low
Rogue - Medium
Feral Druid - Medium
Enhance Shaman - Medium
Ret Pally - Medium
Monk - Low
Warrior - Low

Ranged - OPEN
Boomkin - High
Shadow Priest - Low
Ele Sham - High
Hunter - Medium
Mage - Low
Warlock - Low

All classes are welcome to apply and talk with an officer. Applicants who are accepted
will be placed on a 2 week trial period where they will have the opportunity to prove

If you have any questions feel free to post here, and/or talk with an officer ingame.
Contact : Mindtemptress (GM), Tevira, Venuzaur, Johnspartan, Cas, Blackjackz.
Woot woot!
what do you guys need and any requirements ilvl etc etc
475 at a minimum and at least 6/6 MSV experience
nice you guys do interviews in person? had some question but i have a 480 ilvl feral druid and my alt Spriest ilvl 470 6/6msv 2/6 and 35% garalon HoF im a Xhardcore LF a nice home i dont want to go hardcore again 11 hours progression really burned me out so looking for something in the middle =) also Guild atm is having alot of problems ppl not showing up and recruitement is hard LF a fall back plan cuz it might fall apart sadly =(
Yeah you can get in touch with any of the three listed and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Hi Cas!
Hi Kyd.
01/02/2013 12:07 PMPosted by Shiftymcgee
Yeah you can get in touch with any of the three listed and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

cool i shall do that once i get the free time ^.^
Cool cool.
Hi SHIFTY..thebear
Looking For a solid Ranged DPS & Tank
Holy dps OP
You can't dps as holy silly priest.
don't lie. I highly doubt you guys are always naked!
All the time.

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