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Looking for ranged DPS still!
Can I has ranged dps?
If you guys need a range dps I'm looking for a new guild to run raids with. I have experience 5/6 MV 1/6 HoF normal mode. please don't let that set you off, i am confident in my ability to play however while i've been in my current guild we've had set backs that have slowed our progression. ideally I would love to at least clear 16/16 normal by 5.2. I am progression minded and know my class well. willing to work hard for whatever you guys need.

if you guys want me please let me know and im willing to do a trial period.
Hey Buffup, send me a message in game or add me as a friend. I added you.

Or look for Cas, Holybudz, or Shiftymcgee.
Hey CJ I'll be on tomorrow, Feb 13, any time after 6pm est. I'll be looking for ya then. If I don't catch ya tomorrow I'll be back online Friday same time.
Awesome sounds good to me, I will be on around 6pm as well for most of the night so I will definitely talk to you then!
still looking for good dps
Could you use a 492 ilvl WW Monk? 4/6H MSV, 1/6H HoF, 4/4N ToES

If so add me on real id bluelantern2369@gmail.com looking for a 25 man raiding guild
had an officer add u on real id
Bumpy Bump
switching lock bump!
Cjlol #1 warrior in my heart

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