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Looking for a casual raiding guild. I am available tues, wed, thurs 10-1 am EST. I am a father of 3 young kiss and have responsibilities. Looking for a guild with others like myself who have families but love to raid on the downtime. Post here if you are looking or send me in game mail I am on storm rage but willing to transfer. Thank you.
01/03/2013 08:26 AMPosted by Lochley
father of 3 young kiss


We raid 9 hours (3 nights) per week on Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9pm - 12 EST. I know you said you couldn't start til 10, but I figured I could still throw an option out there.

We're currently 11/16

I appreciate it Smurrf i will think about it but that is gonna push it with me making raid times.
1/6Heroic + 6/6Normal MSV, 6/6N HoF, 4/4 Terrace of the Endless Spring, Alliance PVE 10 Man Guild

We're looking to fill one DPS spot ASAP!

Website (Forums > Applications):

Contact Information:
ReadID: Lambcm9@wfu.edu
Battletag: Veelia#1888

Hi Lochley,

I think our raid atmosphere/guild times would work for you. KoT is a raiding guild for adults with families/jobs, who want to see content and push themselves to play better, but don't want to commit to a 10+ hour raid schedule every week. We currently have high demand for a warlock for 25 man raiding.

Our personal approach to raiding is that our guild members are busy with RL/work obligations, so we try to make the best use of our raid time by being prepared before raids and showing up on time. We feel that raid loot gets replaced every six months, but the friendships formed through raiding together last much longer.

We have a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday raid schedule, between 10:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m. EST. We're a level 25 guild and currently 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. Our guild has been around for six years, so we have a long history of mature raiding.

Our guild site is at: http://kotguild.shivtr.com. Please fill out an application there, or send a realid request to MercurioBlue#1648 to set up an interview.
We are looking for two more raiders, a lock is not on top of the list but the majority of folks here are 28+ with kids, work etc.

b/c of that we raid Friday and Sunday 8:30 to 11:30 PM EST

if that is something your interested in, you can learn more about us @ www.incurronoctis.org

Do you have any alts?
Thank you I will get in touch in game

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