Brawlers Guild - Rank 5 - Elemental

So Im stuck on the last boss of Rank 5, the Leper Gnome Quintet. Any Shams have some tips to defeating these guys as Elemental?

I have tried Hero burst out of the gate, spam Chain Lightning, Lighning Bolt while on the run, popping pets early/later in fight, Hexxing (breaks too fast), Earthbind and Thunderstorm rotations all while focusing on the lowest HP from the start. Its the first fight Ive had trouble with and just cant seem to find the trick between DPSing and keeping them away, the damage debuff stacks too fast on me.

I had some luck using pets from the start to take initial aggro so I can burn the lowest HP but they dont always grab them all and stacks wont drop. Other luck was when the stars align and I get an Earthbind (that they dont resist) down in the center and can train them in a circle but I hit the enrage timer. Ive tried respeccing talents between Stone Bulwark and Nature Guardian, EoE and EM, Elemental Blast and Primal Elementalist etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I havent seen any Elemental Shaman specific guides to this fight that were actually helpful.

Primal Elementalist, EoE, Ancestral Guidance.

Start off with Prepot -> Earthbind before spawn -> Fire Elem on spawn -> Stormlash + Hero/Ascendance -> Lava Beam spam. SWG/AG 5 seconds into Ascendance and begin running them around the EB totem.

Should end Ascendance with all of them fairly low and 0 stacks on yourself with yourself at full hp.

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