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Ewww, level 55 DK's.

The best forum alts.
We're now recruiting and getting ready for the release of Elder Scrolls Online. Details on the type of pvp ESO will provide is a bit up in the air so we will be active in both WoW and GW2 to be better prepared to be an aggressive force at release. PST if you have any questions.
This thread deserves a bump after a good night of killing horde.
BUMP for Lovely
Come play with us
Bippity Boppity Boo BUMP for #TeamRuinous
Your GW2 guild does intrigue me, I haven't been able to get into that game at all otherwise.

Though I'd probably feel dirty about it. :D
Bumping cause still recruiting.
Join before the next horde harvest.
So Ruinous dead again in WoW what a surprise
So Ruinous dead again in WoW what a surprise

Pardon me while I /who your guild.
i taste like butt
"more seasoned you can get with Neuromercury, Kyo, Daniel."

These players are seasoned in what exactly? Are you talking about what I think you are?

Cayenne Pepper and salt. Daniel needs extra butter because he's super fat.
Man I love butter. There are few things in life that are as good as butter. It's right behind bacon on the "must have" list.
So, i hear y'll are going to bring lag to Shrine tonight around 7-7:30

Tsk Tsk

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