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Legos for Ruin!

Lego my Eggos!
No. I touch your eggo. I touch it all over.
I am now recruiting new members to act as my underlings. Your duties will be things such as bringing me my morning brew, watering my crops, buff me when needed, help with dailies and have dinner ready for me after a long day of slaying. This is an entry level position. No prior experience needed.

-no pay
-no health coverage
-no 401K
-low mortality rate
-but I do have an enchanting smile
Do you still get free hugs for being your lackey, Ebs?
Without a doubt, YES!!!!!!!
Well tonight was another great night of wiping our beloved 40 boxer all over Azeroth. Was glad to see the turnout and can't wait to see what's in store tomorrow.
We're still recruiting more pvpers. RBG tryouts are happening 26Jan2013. Join Ruinous to get your spot.
Join us so I have some new faces to be surly at.
Just wanted to say hello to all the awsome new members we've seen join since our return.

If you're looking for an active pvp guild <Ruinous> is currently accepting players level 85 and above who have an interest in large scale wpvp, RBG's and arena's (2's cap and serious push). We are without a doubt the most dominate force on Kil Jaeden with 100+ members online through out the day all with pvp on their minds.

But if you're new to WoW or just re-rolling you can join <Rhuin>, a level 25 guild for those members who want to be part of the Ruin community but haven't quite reached the level requirement. We have a Ruin channel so you can still talk to members in the Ruinous branch plus a Teamspeak 3 server where you can always find someone to group with.

If interested in either guild hit me up in game with any questions you may have. See you all on the field of battle.

Bump for a great group of friends!
Plaguesqt #1 North America
where is eckabeb and boxen

they owe me hugs
where is eckabeb and boxen

they owe me hugs

I'll be sure to let them know. But for future reference I'm the one who gives the hugs around this joint.
Ruinous, take warning.


Today is a day of bebbiting proportions ...
Oops looks like a couple members got Bebbited. It's okay....it only hurts the first time.


Also Ruinous has me, That's a Plus.
bebbit fed me the other day

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