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Nice screenshots, maybe someday you'll get a chance to Bebbit the all elusive Ebiahh.
I don't actively search out people. Bebbiting is a spontaneous activity, not pre-meditated.

If I do happen to see you though, be sure that I'll bump this thread with the shot.
01/25/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Nnutthowze

It looks like you're about to push him over.
If anyone is down I'm looking to start a 3's team. Would prefer healer/arms/frost dk or bm hunter. Hit me up here or in game if you're down. I'm usually online around 7pm server.
Thanks for the help earlier.

Much love!
Another great night of wpvp, much love to my Ruinous and SWBRB brothers.
Yes, it was a good night.

I miss being Bebbited :(
Yes, it was a good night.


Be warned Neuro, after seeing this screenshot you will never hear the end of it.
Had so much fun last night lol nice little raid inside org guys :)
So rumor has it Aredone just quit WoW.
Yes, it was a good night.


Aredone quit again?
If you're leveling a new toon that you plan on pvping with, hit me up or any RHUIN (25) member for invite.
Just wanted to say welcome to Sparks and company. I hope you enjoy your stay with Ruinous.
alliance sux

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