Earthen Ring
Move along, nothing to see here.
Bumps to beat the attendance boss!
Updated with recent recruitment needs.
I'd be interested in joining add me my battletag is cole#1396

I'm a frost dk. i know im not a lvl 90 now but will be soon. I also have a prot pally lvl 85 that i plan on lvling up as well.
Still looking for some good deeps :)
Updated with current needs. Hereee tanky tanky tanky.
Any awesome healers out there interested in a core raid spot?
still looking for a great healer looking for a core raid spot, also looking for a melee dps.
I have a group of 3 raiders LF a guild. holy priest, prot warrior, and hunter if our roles fit your comp let me know
what are their names?
This is my shadow/holy priest. I am working on my holy gear and enchanting my cloak and boots in a minute.
My old main:

Prot warrior: Tahnd

ranged dps: hunter Crowtep

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