WoW authenticator widget doesn't work

Mobile Bug Report
Phone: Sprint Nexus S 4G (
OS: Android Jellybean

The mobile authenticator widget doesn't work. I have to manually delete it every time for it to work once. :(
Happens also on the Moto Razr HD, OS:4.1 Jelly Bean
I have not experienced any issues with the widget. Can you confirm if this is still a problem for you?
I also have this problem on my Motorola Photon Q after just receiving Jelly Bean, worked fine on Ice Cream Sandwich. The widget doesn't show a number unless I place another instance of the widget down, does not respond to presses to refresh it.

(I realize this thread is 3 months old, I didn't see a newer one relating to the widget)
That's fine. I'll reopen this investigation, but likely will not begin until next week. Thanks for the heads up!
still occuring on the razr hd. no way to get it to generate a code with out removing it/readding it.

it basicly seems like its not reconizing the tap to refresh

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