[A] Salvation Recruiting for DPS and Healer

Moon Guard
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Wow it's been a week. Well then.

I've been drawing. I should draw more. Needs more Twilight's Hammer doodads.
So, what's the scoop with the raid?
Perhaps update the first post with what we need now?
I have renewed my faith
Derp, I guess I should update, huh?

Join* Salvation now, and get your chance** at a raffle*** for π****!

*purchase of tabard necessary
**chance of having a chance not guaranteed
***raffle between surviving entries after some tickets are "misplaced"
****π might be fresh, stale, or transcendental
We could use a DPS and a tank, I think?
We are looking for DPS and healer at this point.

If you are signing up to join the raid time and have at any point thought:

I might not be around after two weeks.
I might not be on time.
I might not be able to get my stuff together.
I might not know how to get a hold of people in a timely manner.
I might not know how dedicated I might be.
Or anything like those.

Don't waste my time or the guild's.
Alone in the dead of night, the draenei peeled away a bright red tabard from his body, stained and bloodied with tinges of blue and black.

His own experimental ritual, while successful in summoning a curious (and especially angry) eye tentacle from below, was a failure in the end. The eye of his favored yet dead God graced Avaruu's body with its hostility, eyebeams cutting through armor and flesh, and yet its vicious attacks filled him with adoration and endless loyalty for his gods.

He graces us with His might because we are WORTHY OF HIS FURY!

The words spoken during the ritual resounded again and again in Avaruu's head as he looked over his body. The seared and split armor had been removed and sent in for repairs, but not even Venita's healing could reverse what was happening to him. Corrupted black blood mingled with broken flesh in horrifying spots on his chest, creating perpetual wounds to expose the increasing corruption within his own body as soon as skin was split. The beams sent everywhere by the flailing eye had only worsened this condition and revealed further corruption on his torn arm.

The urges to tear and claw at himself to release more of this madness was overwhelming. It had always been a massive internal struggle to resist the urges, and they would die down after a few days, provided he was not wounded again.

Avaruu was coming apart, in both mind and body. The realization was one he still did not truly understand or accept.

He was going to need a lot of bandages.
I am going on a road trip, visiting Avaruu and moving. If someone needs something or their application looked into, give my officers a ring and make them work.

The messages of his dead God flowed into his mind, messages of superiority over all things, his great work that would one day bring the chitinous eye-ridden monstrosity back from the depths to rule over His territory.

Death is close.

'For all things, my lord.'

You are weak.

'Before you I am as nothing, my lord.'

I will return.

'All who oppose you will perish, my lord.'

They will all betray you. Kill them.

'They are but tools before the Hammer, to be discarded upon your return, my lord.'

You are mine.

'I am your harbinger above all others. Look above from the realm below and see what work I do for you, my lord, highest of lords and mightiest God to bless this world with your hate.'

The seed was firmly planted and had long bloomed. The Old Gods' hatred for all things translated to Avaruu's hatred for all things. He would be the loudest crier for his God, the highest mortal prophet of C'Thun.

Kalimdor would writhe with agony. It would shudder beneath the might of its god. His desert kingdom would tower over all other places on the continent.

A lone draenei would proclaim this future to the world and to the shattered Hammer. Freedom would come for all of his ancient, mighty Gods from below.
Venita knows the way to my heart.

I love you, beef jerky.
Venita knows the way to my heart.

I love you, beef jerky.

I like how we said how long it was going to last and we were both very wrong, lmao.

Best weekend ever. <3
It had been over a week since his failed ritual. Since his failure had infuriated Venita and left her to abandon him.

Maybe she wondered where he had gone, or if he still lived, or if he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Surely for his silence, there would be ample reason.

In truth...


He had definitely taken a wrong turn somewhere.
This may have been the greatest extent of time in which neither Venita or Avaruu have exchanged letters with one another. It was a terrible feeling to have the itch to write, but she knew better. Every time she picked up the quill to pen a short note, his voice of fury and desperation rang through her mind.

She is not worthy!

Perhaps this is what it took for her to finally understand that she was nothing more than a pawn in his game with the Gods. However, she could not deny the old feeling coming back to her. No matter what happened to the pair, he introduced her to the Gods and there was nothing to cure her of hearing Their voice. Now more than ever, she could hear Their whispers calling her name. Avaruu might find her unworthy for Them, but They longed for her. Or so she believed.

Sense got the better of her as she pushed away the thoughts. As much as knew the Gods were rightful owners of this world, the fact remained that she would never be alive for such a moment when They reclaimed it all. The other thing in the back of her mind was the lack of faith she had in what Avaruu said. He could tell her things so sweetly and she would eat it up like a child would candy. What a power to have over a woman like her.

Since the failure of his experiment, Venita has spent most of her waking moments with someone who deserved it most. He may not know it, but she was searching for her purpose and soul through him. Perhaps at long last, she could find it once more.
Avaruu hadn't left his saurok disguise in over a day. At least, that's what it had felt like. Ever since he had stumbled across some very well-hidden Alliance attackers that bestowed the magical disguise upon him, he had mingled with the tribe.

It was a surprise that he could even speak to them, much less convince the reptile people that he was one. To see their primitive religion and faith in 'filth' separate the beings was something of fascination. To eat their long-dead meat and share in their paranoia towards the mogu and the Alliance and the Horde, to speak to their leaders and understand the society of a much lesser species, all of this tickled the draenei so very much.

He had no intention of leaving any time soon. That much he knew.
I suddenly have an impacted wisdom tooth.

Please send aid.
That's what gorging in Saurok filth does to people. Your wisdom tooth is the result of your misplaced faith in false, demonic gods, and the results of their flesh carving experiments.

((ps owww! feel better soon. DENTIST TIME TOO))

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