How is Ret Pally DPS in 5.1?

I've read it's fun and middle-tier, something like Fire Mage post nerf lol. I'm wanting an alt, preferably one that can tank and heal, and I've raised a Paladin to 85. I'm wondering if Ret is about as fun as a frost DK, how hard it is to tank and how hard it is to heal? I'll probably only do one of the two and have Ret as my offspec and gear up through LFR and VP items like I have this toon. I have an alright time in dungeons right now but I don't put out that much damage, I haven't tried healing since the 50's (that's when I started having trouble, no addons to help or no idea for a rotation or any prior experience), so any help answering the questions would be appreciated. I've got a DK at 81 that I have fun on, but I stuck with Paladin because they have a healing spec and because I heard they're better in PVP, though I primarily PVE doing heroics, lfr, dailies.
Tanking really isn't all that difficult heroics wise. Sitting in all 442-450 gear I was hardly taking any damage. As long as you learn all the avoidable boss mechanics and what skills to use in different situations you won't run into any issues.
Ret is in an alright position, we're not the best on any fights, we're not the worst on any fights.

In terms of how fun it is, I have much more fun with my Ret Paladin than my Frost Death Knight, but that might just be because I have way more gear on my Ret.
It's good, we're middle of the pack which isn't a bad place to be.

We're pretty gear dependent but lots of fun. The rotation is pretty fluid in this day and age and you have plenty of utility to play around with.
so if I'm decked out in VP gear, I'll be good dps in lfr as a paladin?

how hard is healing on a paladin?
and how hard is tanking on one?
It's all easy.
All 3 specs are decent, Ret's damage is mid pack, but fairly fluid and you have some decent utility / off-heals for raids / dungeons etc...

Tanking is decent, if you understand the active mitigation model (using shotr) when you're going to take a big hit, if you learn pally tanking well enough, you'll put your healers to sleep.

Haven't healed for ages, but I hear it isn't that hard so /shrug
Healing is fairly easy if you know what spells to use at the right time its all about situational healing and pallies AoE heals are really good but tears down the mana quick so know when to spam and not but all in all fairly easy once you learn the situation for the heals and when to conserve mana and also when to spam heals

Not a big fan of the mana cap either :(
so if I'm decked out in VP gear, I'll be good dps in lfr as a paladin?

how hard is healing on a paladin?
and how hard is tanking on one?

Well, Valor gear's not just an indicator of having good DPS. We *kinda* have a higher skill cap than most DPS because of the way we're built around our cooldowns. Then you absolutely NEED to make sure you're gemmed/reforged properly (have hit/exp cap, knowing when you need to gem Str and when you need to gem Haste). But like others said, the rotation feels fluid, even fun when you get it down.

As far as tanking goes, I'm having a blast. We have a lot of meaty cooldowns to help cushion blows, group utility's great (Battle Healer moreso), and SotR just feels awesome when you can keep it up at the right times.

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