Warlock vs Mage?

In PvE, mages are just boring. Fire is nerfed, Arcane is best DPS at the moment but just boring as hell and frost isn't as viable in raiding as ghostcrawler was trying to make it. In PvP, fire and frost are both fine but from Cata to MoP mages have been overhauled a lot. I don't find my mage fun to play anymore in PvE or PvP. It's not that I am angry at the nerfs, I believe the nerfs were needed, we were ridiculous in Cata! We have been toned down and are on par with other classes, granted people are still complaining about the frost bomb talent even after the nerfs to it. In 3v3s (disregarding 1v1s, 2v2s due to imba's.) mages just sit on CC duty with the occasional damage output and have to have high awareness to be viable in the team.

Our 90s talents are lackluster, as well as our other tiers of talents. Incanter's ward, pure PvP talent. Invocation, useless as Rune of Power is much more worth getting and this talent is tedious to keep its buff up and can conflict with our rotation. And Rune of Power isn't that great. It is an AOE buff that depends on where you set it you MAY have to reposition it a couple of times during a boss fight but that is all. I would have much rather just preferred Rune of Power to be a buff like arcane brilliance, but this would conflict with PvP. Balancing mages around PvE and PvP never goes too well.

I would say roll a warlock. Coming from a mage, dear god just roll a warlock. Mages were fun and had flavor to them in WOTLK and BC. They aren't what they used to be. I just recently rolled a warlock and I am definitely going to make it my main as I am having so much fun levelling with it in Destro Spec. I don't feel right playing a warlock as I am so used to being a mage, adjustments will have to be made. And don't think that just because they are both pure DPS classes that they play the same, because they are polar opposites of each other.
I have a level 90 frost mage. Talk about the dps before lvl 90, whoa! I still log her to play at times, she's been a lot of fun. With a FM, you have the options to poly, freeze, orb, etc. & you have the water element.

Leveling this lock has been a lot of fun, too. I love the options for demo, destro, etc. & now I'm starting to play with glyphs. I used to hate when I got feared on my mage but now all I want to do is fear others. Lol.

As far as DPS goes, I hate to say it, and locks please don't get angry .. I think the mage puts out more DPS under the frost spec.
LOL no offense taken,Frost mage as of now>>>>>>>>>>any lock spec by miles...anyone who cant see that is either blind or retard...

Now come and flame me!! i know u r there in the shadows!
12/29/2012 02:15 PMPosted by Hellgrave
Now come and flame me!! i know u r there in the shadows!

Warlocks involve a lot more micromanagement. You're keeping up on a number of dots, curses, burst skills, CCs, pets, support abilities, soul shards, etc. There are just so many buttons for a Warlock to choose from, it can get overwhelming.

Mages, although not to say they dont require skill, are much more straight forward. Use your few most powerful attacks as fast as you can and keep the enemy away from you while you do it.

Warlocks involve a lot more kiting: they have no shield, no freeze, no ice block -- all we have is a short lasting horror effect and a single castable CC: Fear -- which, despite all the hype -- breaks extremely easily and suffers greatly from diminishing returns when you need it most.

So if you choose Warlock, get ready for a great learning curve.

Having said that, if you choose Mage, get ready to completely blow !@#$ the %^-* up.
Warlocks are really not that hard to play.

The point is that the mage level 90 talents are the least fun thing in the game at present. Only a masochist would play a mage.

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