[H-PVE] Ursus Minor: "Now on Break"

Moon Guard
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I have been patted. The campaign to collect more friendly awesome people continues!
Woo... Made it to page two, and have gotten multiple requests.... Diz Preazes me ~<3

Heres hoping to a successful MSV run on Friday.

Ursus Minor still looking for competent raiders or those who are willing to learn and listen.
The daily request of
"Ursus Minor: Looking for mature, friendly players who want to kill bosses and get phat purple loot at a casual pace!"
Looking for healers and Dps for our second attempt at Stone Guard, Feng the Accursed, and Gara'jal. Mail or whisper any member of Ursus Minor and ask to speak to Chanken, Albericus, or Atuya.
The usual once a day of looking for people to join the awesomeness, that is Ursus Minor.
Tonight will be our second attempt at MSV normal. Heres hoping we can overcome the painful obstacle that is Stone Guard.
All of my !@#$ those dogs.
01/11/2013 01:39 PMPosted by Zekeal
All of my !@#$ those dogs.

Ill be quite honest,
Blizz made one of the hardest fights as a first raid boss for this tier. But None the less, after not raiding for about 4 months, I say getting to 70% on Stone Guard first group of attempts is good progress IMHO. Tanks just needed a reworking of their movement and such.

Still looking for nice experienced healers and DPS for our Raid team.
Ahh... good old daily notice of looking for casual people wishing to have some fun this tier.
So much killing, so little time.
Come join the killing of big dragons, and Evil Klaxxi and "Slickie" Men and bad Hozen.
Ahhh that fresh after reset bump lookin for more awesome people to join us.
Just got a new recruit yesterday while I was exploring LFR. A nice bump in hopes more will come and see.
<3 Much love. We need more love.
<3 Much love. We need more love.

Plenty of it you shall find here madam. Come join us! ~<3
heres hoping we shall reach the third page. And here hoping to another successful MSV run tommorrow.
All the love for this guild and Chanken. <3
Bumping for pages!
All the love for this guild and Chanken. <3

01/18/2013 03:02 AMPosted by Natain
Bumping for pages!

Ahh 'lorian.. one of the best rogues Ive ever seen... and Natain, our newest recruit posting in our page to help get more fun people... Diz preazes me... ~<3

See, friends. Come join the fun that is Ursus Minor~
Yes, another daliy bump for joining a fun relaxed guild who raid and enjoy our wipes with great stride. Still looking for about 2 more people to fill our raid team, preferably heals with DPS OS, and a tank class, like a warrior/dk/monk/druid/paladin with a DPS with a tank or heals OS

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