[A] - Taken - 25M T15 H1/13 - LFM

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Start of a new raid week!

Wish to join us? Contact one of us!
Bump^ still LF DPS to join our ranks
Wish you guys raided a little later :(

*Catches Vizimir*

Not so fast buddy! Give me some of that food you Panda's eat <3
Dumpin the bumps
4/6 HMSV now :D Bump...
I told dat dare teachin' lady that the only three letters in my alpherbet is U S and A.
Still looking for these peeps :)
more heroic progression on Sunday / Monday. still looking for more like-minded individuals
Thank you for allowing me the chance to speak Taken, As a representative of the house of recruitments I'd like to acknowledge many things.

1)We as Taken, promise to progress and get you phat loots as long as you do you best.

2)We as Taken, will pay for your repairs upon reaching Raider rank for raids and supply
consumables to achieve what the casuals call hard.

3) refer to 1 and 2.

4) refer to 2 and 1

5) cross multiply and divide to get the sum of our boss kills in a months time of being together.

6) There will be plenty more to come if you choose to be a part of it, some call it fate, I call it destiny. The difference? Some people just stay comfortable and wait for things to happen, others make things happen. The question is which are you?

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