5 man flying plane mount!

Just a fun idea I've thought of before and have thought about more just recently and want to know others' opinions!

This 5 man plane could be very difficult to make, expensive, but also rewarding. I think it would make for some interesting new world pvp tactics or more fun for being in a group questing or going from place to place.

We've seen different professions work together a little (alchemy making something for Engineers I believe) but this plane could make them have to work together better.

An Engineer, after learning the plans (which should be very difficult to get or find or learn or whatever, maybe a very long chain of quests when an Engineer "finds" a part of the plans while questing or raiding or whatever) would be the one to build the engine using his skills. Then after the engine is built, an engineer could learn how to create "Body Plans" to give to a blacksmithing friend who would then use it with other supplies to put together different parts of the body (or all in one). After the engineer has built the engine and the blacksmith has put together the body, they could need to bring in a tailor who would put the finishing touches together, such as the seating inside (gotta have some nice seats) and maybe stitching together parachutes to install (i wouldn't trust the pilot!). To prevent all of this from being able to be done by one player (therefore making it a group project) each of these items being created should be soulbound (except the blacksmithing instructions the engineer writes up).

When it's time to come together and make the final product, the blacksmith would have to place the plane body on the gound by right clicking it and would result in a channel. The blacksmith can cancel the channel (without losing the parts) and the plane won't be done. While the blacksmith channels, the engineer and tailor would come up and right click their parts which would result in like what happens when you click a heal but have nobody targetted and self cast off and you're free to click a friend casting the heal, and would have to click on the body resulting in their own channels. When all 3 are channeling, ,maybe like 5 seconds after the third one starts, they could be forced into an unable to be cancelled channel that could take like a minute or so (gotta be long! it's a freakin' plane!) and the result would be on the ground in front of all 3. (Ofcourse Blizzard would have to have a place where this can all happen, like how tailors need to go to the silken fields to make silk.)

After the channel completes, each person is given a prompt with all 3 players' names and ALL 3 have to pick the same person who will get the plane in their bags and they can leave.

The plane would be BoE and obviously sellable or attainable by non-tailors, non-engineers, non-blacksmiths.

Because it would be so complicated to make and require more than 1 person to make it (obviously some people will have their multiple accounts making them!) it would be a vehicle most won't have and if you have it, it would be something to show off! Most of all, I would think to not drive the cost to outrageous amounts, it would NOT be account wide and if you want your hunter and your priest to have it, you have to buy two or have 2 made.

The mats would have to be MOSTLY attainable by anyone through means of purchase or farming. I do think the main part of it should be an item you can only obtain through killing the end boss of a raid but it wouldn't be souldbound so non-raiders can get it, but it would ofcourse be pretty expensive!

Obviously if this is too hard or too complicated, they could play with it, but I think a big 5 person mount would be really awesome to have in game! take 4 lowbie friends on a tour through Azeroth or maybe go on a city raiding expedition!

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if you could have a few people with this mount fly in to raid Stormwind (or Orgrimmar for Alliance scum:P)!? I think it would be so cool to see a few flying overhead, it would be an obvious sign of FTH or FTA!
Only if it makes the Stuka sound when it dives
There is also that Hot Air Balloon that is by the Pandaren portal to Jade Forest that I was wondering could be a 3-5 man mount. Get a group of friends in the basket and let the one person control it. Just something that has been mulling around. It would make sense that it would be a Tailor mount as you would have to weave the basket and sew cloth together for the chute.
So it takes several people to make the parts, but one person ends up with it? Then it's sellable? And multiple planes are made at the same time?

I don't think that 5-man travel is needed or really makes sense when you consider that 4 players would need to be hands-off during flight, I don't think it would be more than a novelty.
5 man flying mount is an interesting idea...

Ive always wanted to be able to make a tractor-type vehicle for the gathering professions. You could incorporate materials from most proffs to build it.

In essence, it would work by mounting up on it, then driving it around, stopping over an ore/herb node, then the Tractor extracts it for you, without you having to dismount. You could incorporate it into Arch as well I suppose.
I'm not sure I agree with all of the points on how to acquire the 5-person plane, but it sounds like a great idea for a hard to get mount. Something guild or raid leaders could show off.

It would also make transporting a group to a dungeon portal pretty convenient.
I was thinking this same thing back in Cata, but on a grand scale......An Uber Epic Deathwing drop that would carry a whole 25m raid. Heck, he must've been the size of a 747.
So it takes several people to make the parts, but one person ends up with it? Then it's sellable? And multiple planes are made at the same time?I don't think that 5-man travel is needed or really makes sense when you consider that 4 players would need to be hands-off during flight, I don't think it would be more than a novelty.

There is one way this could work...

IF the mount was made as a guild achievement, and could be used by guildies to get to dungeons/instances/places that are not available through LFD or LFR.
Have it more like a Transformer Plane. Each person comes with their own special part and they combine together to morph into a special mount. Depending on the type of special part each person brings, the morphed mount will be different each time. For example one person has a nose cone, one a type of wing, another the body, another a body style, etc. So to make this more special, each profession would have and assortment of body parts to create along with style, color, etc. The combined outcome would be fun to see. Just like a races body armor. Many shapes, sizes functions and specs.
I vote for 25-man double decker bus, ride to the raid in style.. I like the idea of a plane and thing maybe something like that to change the dynamics of certain PvP BGs, like the airship in Isle of Conquest.

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