<Scorn> 20m LFM Tier 17 Mythic

Area 52
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<Scorn> is a 20 man raiding guild looking for quality members to enhance our roster for tier 17 Mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor.

We are looking for great players who want to raid progression without having to spend 30 hours a week doing so. Our philosophy is to raid 3-4 nights a week, 3 hours a night. We believe this keeps us fresh and less likely to mentally check out. Anyone who has raided 4-5 hour nights knows the last hours of a long night can get tedious. The fourth day (Monday) is for early progression only.


Raid Type: 20 man
Progress: Awaiting Mythic release
Raid Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (mondays drop after progression)
Raid Times: 9pm-12am EST (server time), Invites start at 8:45pm.
Loot Distribution: Loot Council. Factors of time in guild, proficiency, attitude & attendance rule the decisions.

While we're usually only looking for certain classes, exceptional applicants will be considered.

Tanks: N/A
Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid
Melee DPS: Possibly a great Rogue
Healers: Disc Priest, Holy Paladin

We expect that you have done your research on what gear you need, how to spec/gem/enchant. We can help you along the way, but you must be committed to maximizing your contribution. We need people who are committed to improving themselves, their character and, above all, the guild.

If you're interested, head to our forums, and post an application. It's a fairly painless application, and we don't require a DNA sample, or a promise to give us your first-born.


Our recruitment link on our site has most of the information about us, and what to expect.

Logs of your performance help us assess quickly if you'd be a good fit for where we are in the content. Contact Bowtuk, or Karakas in game for more info.

Karakas battle tag is sagedragoon#1923. Feel free to add him or me, below.

My battletag: bowtuk#1844
Looking pretty good on locks now.
Updated. Looking for a healer or two as well.
If a ret dps need comes up please contact me Broombot1884 or abbottbroomfield@aol.com
Could use a resto shaman and a mage and we're pretty set.
Updated, looking for some DPS who can pull 90k. (at least in MSV)
Updated. Got a little progression done last night, Protectors of the Endless Spring down. Still looking for a few dps.
Hey I'm interested in the Ret Pally spot if available. I'm at ilvl 486. You can obviously check my Armory. Please post if you guys still have the spot open. Right now I'm on Stormrage but looking to xfer.

Bumpity. Updated with 25man Garalon kill last night. Still needs a few good dps.
Bumping thread. In need of a mage and a dps warrior for immediate and permanent spots in our 25.
Updated. Windlord, Amber Shaper, Protectors, Tsulong & Lei Shi all down this week. Great job guys/gals! Still need a Mage and Warrior who can pull 85-90k sustained.
Updated. All normal content cleared via 10m clean up (Great Job!). Still looking for that mage who can rock out. 485ish ilevel and can pull 80-85k dps sustained.
Looking for that final piece. Bump
Updated. All normal 25m content cleared. Heroic Stone Guard down on A52. Time for heroic progression.
Updated. Heroic Feng Down.

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