[H]Silent 2/13H Sat/Sun AM LF Heal/DPS

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Guild name: Silent
Server: Turalyon - PVE
Faction: Horde
Size: 10 Man
Raid Days: Saturday and Sunday
Raid Times: 9am until 1pm EST

Recruiting the following:

Mistweaver Monk
Restoration Shaman
Restoration Druid

ANY Prot/Vanq DPS Melee or Ranged (sans Ele Shaman/Hunter)
(Mage, Boomkin, Feral kitty, DK, Windwalker Monk, or Rogue)

This group is dedicated to finding the top players available and making one kick-!@# group. We're looking to find a couple high end individuals to compete with our existing core of top 200 talent that have a insatiable craving for competition and dead bosses. I'm more than happy to cover the details of our progression, expectations, and any other questions you may have in an interview via mumble.

Having been raiding in one way or another since the start of Wrath of the Lich King, this group provides a great raiding environment that is both challenging and fun. The group is heavily focused on progression and advocate that the players that give us the best opportunity to kill pixel monsters will play. We strive to be a top contender on the server despite our 8 hour/week raid schedule. Group members are expected to be high functioning adults with a drive and passion to make themselves better every week. If you're interested in knowing of our history, there is extensive history documented on our website. We like to be thorough :D

Our Members:
Part of what has helped the guild over the years is what we ask not only from our raiders but our members in general. We look for players who possess:
Self Awareness
An understanding of teamwork
The ability to take criticism and better themselves

If you are interested, please fill out an application with World of Logs on our website shown below.

Contact Information:
-In Game: Schisme - Guild Master and/or Âgentoso
-RealID: Schisme - schisme#1776
-Online: http://www.silent-guild.enjin.com
Still looking for solid melee DPS.
happy new year!
Updated for we need a Hunter :)
Looking to replace our excellent hunter, who had to leave for personal reasons. We need someone who is ready for heroic content this weekend.
Come along, you belong
Still looking for an exceptional Hunter!!!!
Hunter Wanted for Sat/Sun Mornings
Still recruiting drop an app @ http://www.silent-guild.enjin.com
need a hunter up in this joint!
go go go
recruiting still :)
hey schisme!
Still recruiting!

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