Unleashed Fury vs Elemental Blast

My dps with UF appears to be top tier. #1/2 on every LFR, every guild rate etc..

But ive had people share their ideas about EB.. and I guess im just inquiring.

How does the stat buff from EB compare to the 30% bonus to LB in terms of overall DPS, taking their own respective dmg values into account?

in english: how is EB vs UF at the top tiers of dps?

I don't know of any top tier enh shammy who uses anything but UF, it just comes out on top every time. This is very likely to change with enh buff to EB and nerf to UF coming in 5.2, so you might want to try it out some in LFR to get a feel for it.
Ya thats why ive been using it.. its just what we do.

As long as enh shaman can still walk in and dominate - itll all be good ;)
Don't bother testing it until 5.2, nothing compares to UF for enh right now.
Playing Enhancement with Elemental Blast is like trying to drive a car with one square wheel. Keep in mind that the Static Shock bonus from Unleashed Fury is "the good part" of the talent, and it benefits greatly from our 4 piece set bonus. With the incoming nerf to Lightning Bolt damage... well... it's not going to make a meaningful difference. Even with EB sometimes providing Agility, it's not going to be a good option.

1 - Doesn't benefit from 4 piece set bonus due to not gaining any benefit from Stormstrike.
2 - Makes you less mobile due to needing to be hard-casted on cooldown
3 - Complicates your priority by adding a new button with a cooldown that interacts with Unleash Flame (and yet you never want to let Unleashed FS drop).

Point 2 means that even if it pulls even with Unleashed Fury in simulations, it will still be a bad talent to take. The only fight this entire tier I could see an argument for using it is Will of the Emperor, and probably only on 10 man, and only for those situations where you won't be able to have very high uptime on a target for whatever reason or can't get to the target at all (dance, sparks in the way etc).

Primal Elementalist will be a much more viable option once we graduate from the current 4-piece, but I'm afraid unless EB somehow manages to simulate or perform (when played perfectly) a lot higher than UF, it's going to remain a talent for Resto and Elemental only.
How do I make sure that I am casting the FS when its unleashed>? and it should be recasted when unleashed again I imagine.

Just make sure i cast FS after I do UE? or what?

Meaning.. just to make sure im on the same page as u..


and when its about to expire.. UE->FS again?
It's ok to let flame shock drop every once in a while. The top parsing enhancement shaman on Feng (probably the best "Patchwerk" boss of the tier) all have uptimes of sub-90% on a 7-8 minute fight. That's roughly 40 seconds of no Flame Shock in an optimal rotation.

In short, always use UE on cooldown with UF, and refresh Flame Shock when it's convenient. Keep in mind that it is ok to let it fall off occasionally for the sake of an extra Earth Shock.

Sims also confirm this.
01/03/2013 06:59 AMPosted by Ontheroxorz
In short, always use UE on cooldown with UF, and refresh Flame Shock when it's convenient

But the unleash flame buff comes up after I use Unleash Elements correct? So if possible.. I should be dropping searing totem.. UE-FS etc etc?
I have never looked into it but I always assumed that searing totem does not benefit from unleash flame. Historically searing totem has not been something that we bother trying to drop with buffs up but I never really questioned why.
nice job necroing a topic about enhancement with random spewage about elemental
nice job getting mad over the date on a thread lulz

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