Time To Fix Balance Druid PvP and Patch 5.2

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Going to edit this very long post: I've found some new tricks and with gear Boomkin doesn't seem as bad, I have a wonderful 5s and we're starting to build rating. Just gear as much as you can and you guys will do fine if you practice!
Im feral, But i would take regroth over healing touch
This is my first major contribution to the forums, so I would like to apologize ahead of time for any mistakes I have made.

I have been a long time fan of balance druid PvP, I started to main one in Cataclysm. For the last three years I have played one and I have enjoyed the fact that they are the underdog, i.e. difficult to play, yet rewarding (The opposite of my frost DK). First off, balance druids were balanced around them being able to cast their major dps spells starfire and wrath. In a PvP situation we are never given the chance to hard cast such an ability.

That's pretty much you needed to say.
I really love this thread, thank you so much for taking the time to make it, Aqual. I agree with everything you say. Although I am mostly a Feral Druid, I love to switch it up and play Balance every now and then, but it can be very frustrating.

Balance druids never get a chance to cast, and if we do, it's only about 40-50k damage.

If Blizz cared, (which they don't) they'd make MF/SF hit as hard as howling blast, judgement, etc. Thing is, it's weak. What we have that's strong never gets a chance to be casted, while other classes 1 or 2 button us to death because everything they've got is instant.

Anything cool we've had, e.g. Starfall stun, Starfire stun, instant roots, has all been taken away - while Rets, DKs, Warriors, etc are able to just nuke people with no worry about being interrupted. It's total BS - I know it, you know it, and Blizz knows it.
Anything cool we've had, e.g. Starfall stun, Starfire stun, instant roots, has all been taken away - while Rets, DKs, Warriors, etc are able to just nuke people with no worry about being interrupted. It's total BS - I know it, you know it, and Blizz knows it.

I do agree with this, and I hope that it does come to the attention of Blizzard that Balance Druids need some love too! Hopefully this time it will be different and we can all get the word out. Thank you for your response, Quackie!
Entangling Roots doesnt break so easily from dmg.

New ability: Astral Barrier. Upon reaching an eclipse you gain a shield that abosorbs [some amount of dmg, a sizeable bubble but not large enough that it would need a cd]. While active, damaging spells you cast cannot be interrupted by dmg. (if this second effect was added the shield would probably need to be dispellable to keep it balanced.)

Owlkin Frenzy now has an activated effect in addition to the passive one. When activated, causes your next three wrath or starfire casts take 30%-50% less time to cast. OR it would allow the 3 wraths/starfires to be casted while moving. Only usable while the druid has the passive effect active.

This idea is fantastic. I hope it gets implemented in the game, cheers to you, Sofacushion. Thanks for such an awesome suggestion!
So I stopped following my own thread after the first few months, mainly because my guild, which was 75% of our small pop server transferred to Sarg. Anyway I have come back to read this because I got a very nice in game mail from Wild. So as a x-realm PUG boomkin I was able to push 2186 in rbgs, slightly above 1550 with an ele sham partner in twos (I know 1550 hero..). I am definitely not an r1 boomkin, but I feel as if I have a fair amount of pvp experience. The following block of text is a rant about our survivability and what I will be doing in 5.2, if you are not interested I understand. Also the ideas on this thread have been awesome, and I have never been more impressed by the boomkin community. Thank you so much for helping bring attention (even though no blue post or sticky) to this topic.

Alot of the people who play boomkin now are the people who played feral in cata, back when feral was godly, and balance druids were about as broken as ele shamans. Thats when I originally fell in love with the spec. People that are just starting now are missing out HUGE. Cata boomkin was one of the hardest things I have ever played, ever. From keeping rejuv and LB up, to using every single one of your forms to interupt, mitigate damage, etc. Our survivability has actually been BUFFED since cata. I actually only ever die in a random battle ground if I do something stupid. Some tips that I can give to fellow boomkins is to keep nature's grasp up as often as you can, use might of ursoc THEN your health stone (200k heal), that kind of thing. With the changes to Cenarian Ward we have the option to be nearly unkillable but Nature's Swiftness is still waaayy better than Cenarian Ward (instant clone). This patch I will also be taking Heart Of The Wild to provide the occasional back up heal, because frankly Nature's Vigil is terrible. Nature's Vigil was only worth taking for the damage increase, often you would find yourself healing someone else with it, it was alot like a poorly thought out version of Vampiric Embrace. That being said, HotW+ NS + HT is an easy 200k-300k heal, never mind the rejuv that ticks for 30k. But this is only once every six minutes. Also the burst you can do in cat form while hotw is actually better than boomkin burst. LMFAO. LMFAO. And also I am no longer taking Displacer Beast and am instead taking wild charge, just because charging to your own mushrooms is OP.. Also as someone who uses DB all the time to pounce someone I am extremely disappointed with blizzard, they are removing skill cap abilities and now I am, more than ever, required to deal with RNG burst. Speaking of RNG burst I was doing twos with a resto shammy, against a ret/ resto shammy and we played for 30 minutes before I managed to get 3 starsurge procs with my CDs up, allowing me to global the resto. Blizzard needs to change how stupid boomkins are in pvp right now, and I mean stupid in the sense of no skill, no control over our actions, and our main source of damage coming from dispellable dots, also we aren't able to hard cast. The list goes on.
Also just want to call attention to Unholy Dk dots, ticking for about 20-30k.

My 15k MF/SF says hi.
It's awesome to have you back, Aqual! I'm glad you enjoyed the letter and I find it awesome that you've done so well in your rating, congratulations! I've played boomy for years, but I never took it as far as arenas or RBGs, just usually regular BG's or duels. However, this upcoming season I am hoping to find some RBGs for myself because they look so awesome as boomy! Thank you for your tips, I will love to try them out. I would like to ask a few pointers, such as problems I have when playing boomkin. However, if you don't want to give out your secrets, it's completely fine, I understand!!!

Firstly, whenever I duel or get targeted I seem to get locked down rather easily. I have picked up DB, but will definitely use Wild Charge if you suggest it. Do you have any special tips you're willing to give out to us boomies who are struggling with getting away and safely casting and/or healing? I'm always so paranoid about being interrupted or silenced! I try to shadowmeld beforehand if I desperately need to get the next cast off to ensure safety. I would love to know from your perspective since you are a very successful Balance Druid PvPer.

Secondly, how do you prefer to handle your DPS? Do you burst right away or are you very precise with your timing? I will sometimes burst right away to do some quick pressure after fully charging Astral Communion, but if a different method is better, please let me know! Another method I use is to Mass Entanglement someone and throw down a Solar Beam and Ursol's Vortex to lock them inside, it's very successful for the most part!

Thirdly, do you have any preferred methods of CC? Such as, what do you do for single targets? For big groups? Are they any CC advantages that boomkins have?

Fourthly and lastly, do you mind giving us boomies in this forum a brief description of recommended talents and glyphs, and why you chose them? I'm pretty confident with my glyphs, but my talents may need some double-checking. Oh, and what do you find the best Symbiosis is and why?

I'm terribly sorry for such a long post, I hope it isn't too much of a bother to read and reply! You definitely don't have to give away any secret tips you have, any help is much appreciated! Thank you so much again for such a wonderful thread Aqual and I hope that you continue to PvP as balance and do awesome in arenas and RBGs! Happy casting!!!
boomkins should have regrowth instead of healing touch for sure dosent make sence that shadow priest n ele shammys have there fast cast but not us or simply change theres 2 the longer casting heal just like boomys to make them equal. 1v1 and 2v2 situations yes boomkins have a hard time especilly with 3 min cd's perhaps make them 2 min?
yes i also think displacer beast was nerfed in a sence the speed boost is nice but in a bg/rbg making people loose there target was a great way 2 survive.
and last but not least like others have said not being able 2 hard cast does suck n our cast times also suck but i think a fair way 2 get around 2 this without affecting pve would be give boomkins a cast sheild for example when u symbiosis a lock u get a 3 min cd 2 take 50% less damage n cant be inturputed for 12 sec that imo would help boomkins out alot surviability since were so squishy as well as being able 2 cast oh and yes dot protection would be nice but one thing at a time people
If there is enough interest I will share my two cents on playing boomkin in a new thread.
Boomy 2v2 combs: noone wants to play with a boomy in 2s
Boomy 3v3 combs: L S D, Spicy chicken (every other comb boomy becomes more then likely replaced by other class soon as team hits higher rating.)
Boomy 5v5 combs: Boomy is very viable but noone plays it

Resto 2v2 combs: Can pretty much play with every dps class
Resto 3v3 combs: about 90% of all the combs can have a Resto Druid in them.

Feral 2v2 combs: Can play with every class
Feral 3v3 combs: about 75% of all combs can have a feral in them.

I agree that noone really wants to play with a boomy in arena
I was at the end of cata Boomy/Resto (both fullgeared) and everyone just wanted me as Resto in Arena and Boomy for Rbgs. Last Season I was just Resto because I diddnt had the time to gear up and just ALOT more people want to play with you, if your Resto.
- Rbgs doesent mean that much anymore thanks to wintraders.

Fazit: If you like playing just Rbgs and you find good player for L S D you can get to high rating as boomy, if not you just get frustrated spamming trade chat and prolly reroll to feral/resto aniway.
soooo glad that i played over 300 rbg games this season to get to 2550 rating.... but didn't get hero....

and the people with records like 8 wins 9 losses got it (win traders).

pretty funny
I have been playing a moonkin since the very beginning of WoW, January 2005. Moonkins have always been underpowered. I've tried general PvP, BG's, arenas but gave them up as other classes quickly learn to target us for an easy kill. I have raided extensively over the years and have seen many classes lead the numbers in recount (hunters, rogues, warlocks, dps warriors, did I mention hunters) but never moonkins (balance druids).

In my opinion, someone at Blizz who yields decision power has a prejudice against balance druids. I realize this sounds silly but for years I have read Blizz's thoughts about druids in general and balance druids in particular. The standard comment I have read numerous times from a developer(s) is that because druids enjoy the ability to choose to play melee (cat/bear), caster (moonkin) or healer, they give up the right to be actually good and should be satisfied with being mediocre. Yes, I have read this kind of statement many times over the past. IMO, this is an incredibly inane reason for keeping moonkins below par. I choose to play a moonkin and do not wish to be a healer or melee (bear or cat). I pay my money like everyone else and resent the fact that my play style is limited by someone's prejudice.

At the very least, give moonkins the ability to do damage while on the move. You can continue to force us to mash buttons in the four to six key rotation we now have to use but give us more than a DoT when moving. Raiding requires sometimes constant movement especially during mechanics in boss fights. Yet all I can do when running is to throw a DoT or two. And when my dps suffers as a result, I hear about it big time. And no, I will not change to another class. Every player has his/her favorite toon and mine is a moonkin.
I played Warcraft 3 and loved night elfs. I played as a night elf for 7 years and when I started playing WoW, the natural choice was NE Moonkin.

I enjoyed the class, and liked world PVP, but felt that I needed to be very smart to kill people out in the world. Confront Horde, 1v1, whitout any advantage was always a bad idea. I had to go stealth/cat and hunt. Sometimes for 10 minutes, waiting my target to get hurt by mobs, so I could atack from the shadows, like a rogue. It was coward, but it was the only way I could kill people in Wrath. And I never tought there was something wrong. I was new. I should simply be bad.

So, I played season 9 arena as Balance and it was awful.
At the end of season 9, after some research and bad results I reach the conclusion that, despite the fact I am a casual player, I wasn´t that bad. The class was! And I stoped playing my main.

Since then I´v been playing resto druid, Frost DK, Unholy DK, Fire mage and Frost mage. But I feel like I´m playing alts all this time.

I´M A BALANCE DRUID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont force me to play any other thing, because my class is useless in duels, World PVP and 2v2 Arena.

I´m with you.

i strongly disagree that theres more rogues than boomkins. specially last season
here i am finally wanting to play a balance druid instead of a feral one. and i read that they're awful?... that's... really unfortunate :( BUT knowing blizzard, they're too lazy to simply fix the class. that's how they work aha. if anything, they'll probably remove balance druids from the game. why put in work balancing something so beloved to your dear fans when you can just crush all the fun out of their game. after all, blizzard still makes more money than we do. cheers, and im pulling for you balance druids, because i hope to be one too. blizzard. don't be... EA.
03/19/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Galvados
here i am finally wanting to play a balance druid instead of a feral one. and i read that they're awful?... that's... really unfortunate :(

Go ahead and try it out. If you put enough effort into your toon you'll definitely reap the rewards. Don't let this thread deter you; it's basically 7 pages of QQ-ing about how we're not viable in aspects of pvp that aren't meant to be competitive anyway despite the fact that we're perfectly fine in the competitive brackets.


Go about 18 minutes in on the video and that should start up some of the games I had against these guys. Savek/Tupaclol/dominoz are incredibly nice people, as well as glad level players. I just want to give you an idea of how mongoloid our damage can really become, and how weak we are outside of our 3 minute CDs.

Not sure if you noticed, but you and your partner's Dots ended up killing the Monk AFTER the arena ended. Lawl.

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