Does he visit the forums at all? Or can someone give me his skype/real id. I know him way back, I'm Menace. Looking to do some nostalgic arena.

Thanks peeps.
01/02/2013 11:54 AMPosted by Vidrago
More people should buy things for me, I agree.

Vellari was thinking handcuffs, little man. Leg cuffs, too. And a paddle.
Director Peter Weir's first turn behind the camera since 1998's critically acclaimed The Truman Show, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is based on two Napoleonic War-era adventure novels in author Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series, Master and Commander and The Far Side of the World. Russell Crowe stars as Captain Jack Aubrey, a high-seas adventurer who maintains a strong bond with ship-surgeon Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany). After conquering much of Europe already, Napoleon's forces have set their sights on taking Britain, so Aubrey and the crew of his ship, the HMS Surprise, take to the Pacific to intercept any attacking ships from the French fleet. When Aubrey eyes a renegade French super-frigate, the Surprise pursues, leading to an adrenaline-charged chase through the distant reaches of the sea. Edward Woodall, James D'Arcy, and Lee Ingleby also star as members of the Surprise's crew. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

PG-13, 2 hr. 17 min.

Drama, Action & Adventure

Directed By: Peter Weir

Written By: Peter Weir

In Theaters: Nov 14, 2003 Wide

On DVD: Apr 20, 2004

Box Office:$93.9M

20th Century Fox
People clown, but I loved this movie. I watch it at least once a week.
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Vellari apologizes! The thread Vellari was trying to reply to was whisked away into the Twisting Nether by evil clockwork gnomes! And somehow through their magic, wound up in this one....
Haven't seen Swol around since sometime during Wrath. Vaguely remember somthing about a name/class change and possibly server transfer. I do know he was playing a lot less at that point.

Actually last time I saw him I think he was in Howling Fjord at level 70 and amusing himself by systematically destroying geared level 80 alliance players. I took a long WoW hiatus shortly after that, but here's a bump so maybe a few Horde old timers can see if they can remember what became of Swol.
Swol cameback around wotlk and yes he was out ganking 80s , after that he just faded away.
He was on dueling people a week or two ago.
He hopped servers, doesn't give out his skype, and I don't remember his real id stuff. I wish I could have been of more help. If Golgotha is ever online he'd be a person to ask if you haven't already gotten the information.
New shaman,
You've become wise!

Swol returned late WOTLK and originally came back as an alliance character and then shortly swapped back to horde.
From what I understand a lot of popular figures have faded from the realm.

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