[H-RP] The Jade Aegis, now with Yaungol!

Wyrmrest Accord
A journal is found laying on the ground.

To be a part of the Jade Aegis is a honor, but comes with responsibility at the same time. We all come from different aspects of life, many specialized in different areas. We even have those from orcish, elvish, maybe even troll culture, that each day learn the ways of our people. But I fear that soon that way will be forgotten, lost within the war that Warchief Hellscream is waging.

And that, that is why the Jade Aegis exists. To preserve the way our people have spent centuries building. Be it my cousins from my ancestor's homeland, or be it my brothers and sisters, who also come from Shen-Zin Su, we all work for the common goal to preserve the way. That is how our people survived, by passing on our thoughts and our way to generations after, and by teaching new generations how to fight with what they are born with, instead of a blade forged with steel.

I can only hope that soon, this war will end... But with so much of those sha beings around, I am not sure it will ever end. We swore our loyalty to the Horde, and we will fight for them until the end, but still I fear for us. But until the war is over, the Jade Aegis will be there, to protect our way of life, to protect what we know, and we will never let anything stand in that way!

The journal excerpt ends here.
OOC Time!

The Jade Aegis is a fairly new guild formed from Huojin and Huojin Dynasty merging, placing three people in charge with no more and no less authority over each other, called the Jade Council.

Jade Council Members:

Now, of course this is not a traditional style of guild, instead it is far more divided into categories. that we call clans, to assure that all Pandaren, no matter what their lifestyle is, will find a group that believes in the RP style they do.

-The Baohù is a clan that is dedicated to the protection of the Aegis, willing to lay down their life if need be to help preserve the way of life. Characters that draw inspiration from Taran Zhu, Vol'Jin, or really just anyone who is willing to fight for their life and people may find comfort here.

-The Xuézhe is far more of a scholarly type of clan. This is more for those that have a thirst for lore and knowledge. Characters that are inspired by Lorewalkers, the Reliquary, or the Explorer's League may find comfort here.

-The Nóngmín is for those that are not entirely dedicated to a pursuit of knowledge, or a pursuit of fighting. This is for those that are seeking a simple way of life, one that they can enjoy life from. Characters inspired by Nat Pagle, Zhi the Harmonious, and Haohan Mudclaw may find comfort here.

-The Guówài is the section of the Aegis for Spiritual Enhancement, honoring the August Celestial. By default, any monks that are not Pandaren will be placed in the Guówài in order to assure their ability and knowledge before anything else. Characters inspired by any of the August Celestial may found their home here.

Allied Guilds: Ironfang Clan is our current allied guild, helping us OOCly and ICly for a while now, I can tell you first hand that these people are great. Any orc that's looking to develop a character will find a great home with them.

Our Overall Purpose: Now that you've either read through all of that, or skimmed to the bottom to find this, our overall purpose is to continue the tradition of being a quality Pandaren RP guild for the Horde. We are considering starting a raid group, and just having fun in all aspects of the game.

Edited In January 18th 2013:

For the past few weeks, we've had a trial run on the Jade Aegis on if Yaungol should be playable or not. We decided (Co-Gm's, Officers, Players, and myself) that we should allow them into the Jade Aegis. With that, I want to welcome any that are wanting to play Yaungol, but must remind that they should follow the guidelines posted here.


In general, that is what we are. So what are you waiting for, come join us.
Bumps for a cool guild. I like the clan structure, very nice.
Why thanks Sals. I appreciate the bump from you, and your Black Market Crew. (Speaking of which, you best get me a better deal on those Brawler Invites!) :P
Bump! Had a good time with a few of their members today in Silvermoon.
I've been looking for a guild to get my Pandaren some screentime. I'll be looking ya'll up.
Shameless Bump Disguised in a response to posters.

01/03/2013 04:01 PMPosted by Thyrus
Bump! Had a good time with a few of their members today in Silvermoon.

I only wish I could have been there longer before just wondering what was going on. Hehe.

And Sins, Jaili, I'll be more than happy to help with any concerns!
Neat guild.
Fantastic concept. Bump!
01/04/2013 09:20 AMPosted by Earthgrab
And Sins, Jaili, I'll be more than happy to help with any concerns!

You already did! Enjoying my time thus far! \o/
Bumping because this sounds really neat, and I'm mighty interested! Sending in an application now.
Nighttime bump!
Was fun RPing the other day!
I would suggest all Pandaren looking for a home to join them. They have fun and nice people!
Only been with the guild and on the server for a few days and already feel right at home.
Why thanks Hua! But aye, we're not a bad bunch of folks.

P.S. If anyone notices that we have a Tauren in our ranks, trust us, it's not a Tauren. ;D
I did notice that, but anyways.

Bumps for an awesome rp and a great place to be Pandaren or otherwise.
Bumps for a great guild.

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