How to start your farm?

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I have read conflicting information about starting your own farm

Is that the Tillers faction?
The farm is located in Valley of the Four Winds, Sunsong Ranch area?
You need to be 90 to start it?
You can soon buy your own farm in patch 5.2?
anyone know the info?
You can start farming as soon as you get to the farm at 86. You can't begin upgrading until level 90 once the tiller dailies unlock. You get to buy it in 9.2
You can unlock your farm as soon as you get to Pandaria. I have several level 85 alts that grow vegetables for me.

To unlock your farm, go to the Halfhill area in Valley of Four Winds (Sunsong Ranch is a sub-area of Halfhill) and an NPC named Farmer Yoon will have a series of quests for you to teach you how to farm. Eventually you will unlock four plots on your farm to grow vegetables in.

You cannot do dailies to improve your reputation with the Tillers until you are level 90, however. At higher reputation levels, you unlock more plots on your farm (eventually you have 16 plots) and will be able to buy special seeds (such as seeds to grow motes of harmony, herbs, ore, etc).
I didn't even know this was something I could do
I found this guide to be helpful:

Also, if you need help locating that special fish you need for a quest recipe go check out this guide by the same author:
can u farm before pandora
06/06/2014 09:17 PMPosted by Drakrunner
can u farm before pandora

You probably would have been better off making your own thread rather than necroing this one. In any event, the farm is at a specific location in Pandaria so, no, you cannot farm before you get there.

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