Mountain of Mounts

Bug Report
I have issues with this achievement. According to I have 112 mounts. However, on the achievement tab I only have 99/100 mounts.

I understand that class specific mounts don't count towards the achievement, but even then, at 112 mounts minus my 2 warlock mounts, my pally and DK mount (which I'm not even sure I can use with my 'lock) I'm still at 108, well above the 100 mount threshold for the achievement.

I didn't really even notice this issue until today when I went to look for my Blue Dragonhawk and couldn't find it. I did note that when I played the MoP Beta, I had the mount and the achievement but never noticed that I DIDN'T have it when I logged into MoP on release day.
Only Alliance mounts will count for your total mount number on your Alliance character. Mounts like your Armored Blue Windrider which show (and oddly, count) on your Armory page will not count towards any mount number achievement when trying to do it on an Alliance character. So essentially, if it's not currently in your in-game mount list it does not count.

You will however get both Dragonhawks once you have gotten 100 Alliance-usable mounts. Only the blue one will be ridable by your gnome and count for the 150 achievement though.

(The beta also gave you several free mounts to try out- you got both new engineering mounts, a Pandaren Phoenix, and I think one of the cloud serpents as well. So you may have triggered the 100 mount achievement with one of those.)

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