[A] <Revenant> LF Ranged 9/12nm Tue/Thu 8-11p

Revenant is an all adult raiding environment that is currently seeking a high level Ranged DPS pref Mage and/or Ele Shaman for our 10m progression raid. We are currently 9/12 ToT and soon to be much more. We raid Tue and Thu's from 8pm-11pm. Current requirements are 505+ with an intimate knowledge of your class, what spec/talent/glyphs to use each fight, high raid awareness and a couple logs for us to review. If you are interested in this spot feel free to contact Rexigar or Danskie in game or go to Revenantgaming.com to apply.

Revenant Raid Teams

Team Swipe Buddies - Progression - ToT - 9/12 (16/16 in 5.1) - Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm-11pm. Recruiting - Frost Mage and/or Ele Shaman* Preferred (* - no off-spec needed)

Team Beast Mode - Casual- 5.1 Only (Under Construction)
Recruitment - Currently looking for an active mature individual to help lead this team. It is a casual group focused primarily on 5.1 bosses and possibly casual progression into ToT in its future.

We also have off-night guild transmog runs, LFR and achievement runs as well as casually grouped pvp sessions. There is no alt limit and you can bring in as many toons as you'd like.

Mumble is required to be downloaded and we will supply guild food and flasks. Donations of mats to the guild bank appreciated, but not required.

Contact Danskie, Sammaels, or Rexigar in game or go to Revenantgaming.com to apply. You can also read more about Revenant below.

About Revenant

We are a multi game community currently developing our WoW division. Our guild is level 25 and was started towards the end of Cataclysm. We are a mix of experienced WoW players and people crossing over from other MMO’s. Some have come from other servers to play with us. Many have come from our previously successful division in SWTOR, and we are aiming to build our community into WoW. We currently also have a Planetside 2 division starting the recruitment process. We also have members currently playing D3, GW2, DOTA and Tera. We are also currently hosting our own Minecraft, TF2, and Counter Strike servers that are completely free to members. We are also actively recruiting for our Elder's Scrolls Online which we will be rolling out with 15-20 people at the launch of that game.

[b]Our Personality

Our core members are all 21+, most of us married with wives and/or kids. We are looking for mature people to join our community and build our WoW guild whether you are interested in just WoW or participating in other games. We have players all over the country, with many of our gaming community leaders within the upstate New York area. Many of us either work together or have a personal tie to someone in the guild. We have a fun and joking environment, but put our game faces on come raid time. Create drama in game? We are close knit, so if we feel that someone is hindering our gaming experience, they more than likely would be removed, but joking and hazing becomes more and more tolerable as you get to know us. Disclaimer: There is no language filter and we joke and there is drinking in voice chat all the time. If you are sensitive to hazing or light hearted name calling, this may not be the environment for you. This is why 21+ is a must. Gear problems? We can fix that. We look to take any mature adult willing the listen and take constructive criticism, and develop them into a player that will have a positive impact on the content that we are clearing. Not a “raider”, or consider yourself “casual”? Not a problem. We are always looking for people to become members of our active gaming community and we will be doing guild events such as old contents/achievement/world pvp and LFR in the future that all guild members will be open to participate in.

Our play style isn’t hardcore, but we plan on clearing normal content each patch and pushing heroic content. 25man is realistic if we build a large enough player base, but many of us know each other IRL and prefer a smaller group. We will more than likely focus on PvE content at first and then slowly develop a PvP division of our guild in the future.

We'd love you to make Revenant your new home.

Revenantgaming.com or whisper us in game

We are still looking for new members for our core team.
Alcoholics wanted! Still looking for a couple 21+ core raiders. Come take a load off and kill some bosses.
Still looking for members who are interested in joining our 10 man progression team.

Send me or Danski a whisper in game

We would like to welcome Alorax, Failie, and Khalex to Revenant!

We are currently only looking for a Holy Paladin or Monk for our core 10 man progression team.
Revenant is proud to welcome Charst to our guild!

We are still looking for a Holy Paladin of complete our team. Please reach out to Rexigar, Danski or Praven in game for more details.
Revenant welcomes Thorradin and Raszagäl to our ranks. Still could use a solid Pally Tank or Healer for our core 10man runs. Other Tank or Healer classes would be considered.
Just need 1 Tank (Pref Pally) to join our Tue/Thu 8-11 server 10man raid.
Any Ele/Resto Shamans our there that like to party?
Still need a Shaman or Monk for core 10. Must have viable dps spec. We farm clear 6/6 mv weekly and are working on HoF.
WTB Monk(MW/WW) or Shaman (Resot/Ele or Enh). Must be viable at both specs. Where have all the flex gone?
Updated for our current needs.
Still need a Solid Ele Sham or possibly Rogue to round out our core 10. We are a little behind content wise, but with a couple final pieces, we will have a great progression team.
Currently on Amber Shaper and starting ToES this week. LF a 485+ Hunter and/or Fury Warrior/Shaman/Spriest
Still looking for a fury warrior? I'd be interested.

I'm 6/6 msv, 5/6 hof 25 normal modes.

We will certainly consider you Zuya. One of us will contact you in game. Thanks for your interest in Revenant!
Ran ToES last night with these guys. Extremely talented group and fun to hang out with.

My name is Zuya and I approve this guild.
Hello im getting ready to move to your server this tuesday and was wondering if you would be interested in a 490 ilvl fury warrior im 16/16 regmode exp ive only downed 13/16 but ive made several attempts on amber shaper , sha , and empress.
Revenant has welcomed Zuya to our ranks. Sorry Daruga, Fury war spot filled today. Post has been updated. LF a solid Monk, Rogue, or Shaman DPS (Good heal set would be nice).

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