[A] <Revenant> LF Ranged 9/12nm Tue/Thu 8-11p

475 lock? or 473 pally? I also have a buddy of mine thats a 480+ spriest
@ Mulaciega
Our core progression isn't currently looking for these classes, but our Wed's run is still looking for a couple if interested. I recommend contacting Praven in game for more details on that.
Bump. Currently 13/16 going for 16/16 this week. Looking for a solid dps preferably with a great heal os (though not 100% required) to join us. Both specs must be able to perform at a high level. A beastly DPS Rogue would also be considered. Pm me in game or visit Revenantgaming.com to apply.
Hello, you said you are looking for a Healer and DPS monk? :) I'm both. 478 MW, 470 WW.
I'll follow up with you in game some time soon Jelly. Thanks for your interest in Revenant :-)
We have 1 more spot open for our progression team!
Still looking for a 485+ WW Monk or Rogue.
Where's all the melee at?
Bump, WTB Hunter or Ele/Enh Shaman (Would consider Monk/Rogue also), we have no Mail wearers. Sick of DEing your upgrades.
Bump, Still seeking a mail wearer to round out our 10m team. Whisper myself or Rexigar in game. ~490 and 13-16/16 exp pref.
Still in need of a solid Hunter to round out our team. 15/16 atm and starting HM MV attempts. Trying to have synergy going right into ToT.
All we need is 1 more to round out our team. Check us out!
Interested in DW Frost DK? Recently came back to WoW after a year break and looking to get back into raiding. It's been really difficult finding a guild that needs melee and doesn't raid on Sundays.
doesn't look like you need a spriest now, but just in case. 495 ilvl, 16/16N, 4/16H experience. Just transfered to stormrage. Sounds like a fun enviroment to be in. Keep me in mind.
@ Phamous and Karny: Thank you both for your interest. We have tentatively filled to 10 players, but regularly need sub type situation when the IRL bug strikes. We'd love to add you and let you know if we are in need of anyone for a week. We understand that you are more than likely seeking permanent spots, but until you find a home, we generally know the week before who has to miss a raid night and can let you know.
Bump, Currently seeking 1 healer for our core 10 to start ToT strong. Pref Shaman, or possibly Paladin. 16/16 in 5.1 and looking to go 12/12 + heroics in ToT.

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