The Thundering Herd Market

Wyrmrest Accord
"Ish'ne Alo Por-ha! Are you here to look over my feathers and beads? Plucked and crafted by this generation's best Bronzehoof hands." The male Shu'halo gave the biggest grin he could muster.

Scattered around the base and valleys of Thunder bluff were stalls covered in woven fabrics and glittering jewelry. Young Shu'halo couples stood around baskets of freshly picked herbs and flowers, and small calves ran through the crowds yelling their excitement. The Shu'halo market was back! The neutral tribes were finally coming to trade with Thunder bluff again.


Hello again Wyrmrest! The Shadowhoof are back in action! That being said, we would like to welcome everyone to the Thundering Herd Market! These markets, which took place weekly on a rotating schedule, were one of the events that helped to define the tribe. Something we've sorely missed seeing and hosting; it is now back, but on a more limited schedule.

Venders outside the tribe are always welcome, but Shu'halo only please. This market is intended to build a strong cultural identity for player made tribes and give the tauren a nice diverse cultural feel. Each stall must be maintained by a tauren, though not every tribe maintains a 'tauren only' rule, and we understand that.

Somethings you might find at the Market:

  • Thieves
  • Be aware of your purchases and coin pouches, because where there is a market there will be thieves! We encourage players to plan out their heists and make sure all targets are willing. Can't find a willing victim, come see a vendor... We might have something for you to steal.

  • Bartering
  • Are you tired of the crazy prices on the auction house? Well, here at the market you have the option of naming your price! All you have is fifteen silver coins? Well, maybe that vendor won't wish to take every last copper you have... Then again.

  • Dancing animals
  • The exotic trainers will be showing off their critters as well as making sure to sell what they have found. Some of the Druids of the Shadowhoof and Windsong will be giving rides to the little ones. Please, don't feed the animals... It messes with their training.

    Please contact a Shadowhoof officer to get set up as a vendor for our events!

    Don't have a tauren, but want to make some gold and/or rp as a vendor? You can make a market alt, and join in the collective lore builing... Or you can come join us as your orc/elf/troll/goblin/panda and explore the wonders of interacting with Shu'halo in their natural habitat!

    Event Times for 2013:
    January - 27th
    April - 25th
    July - 22nd
    October - 18th
    When does this one take place? ;=; I've missed several events already and I'm hoping I can make this one.
    No worries Dawnsky! The first one is on the 28th of December 2012. We will be set up and ready to sell by about 7pm server time. HOWEVER, these markets are an all day celebration. I will be working with members of the Windsong and Shadowhoof (and any others who are interested) to be barkers for the event and give out goodies throughout the day.
    I should be able to make the 28th, family craziness starts on the 23rd and goes on till about the 26th or 27th after which I can finally rest from the Holidays x-x.

    Really excited at the same time <3 Should probably deduce which of my 8 cows to bring.
    Market huh? Hmm...........plans....they form....hehehehe..MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA..*hacking cough*
    Kurshaw took a small apple from a basket that was being tucked away on a Kodo. She grinned and took a bite.

    "So, sneaking around and grabbing a bite? Hmph, I would expect better from the Matriarch. How am I going to teach the children manners when their leader is stealing... Hmm?" the young matron, Tannill, scowled and tapped a hoof.

    "What, I was hungry and these apples are some of the best I have ever seen. It's a wonder, seeing as you were the purveyor of such wonderful treats." Kurshaw gave the matron a smile and nuzzled her cheek.

    Blushing, Tannill coughed and pushed the apple basket higher on the Kodo and brushed her mane back. She turned to scold the Matriarch again, but Kurshaw had vanished. Her muzzle turned bright red and she stomped the ground, an apple falling and rolling away


    We are getting ready to set off for Mulgore! The market is on its waaaay~!
    Woot! Markets! I approve of this, it's sounds fun and well organized.
    Bump. The market is getting closer!
    More Shadowhoof rumors coming in every day. There is a market soon that has many speaking excitedly. And it is to be the Shadowhoof that are running it, at least partly. My work in Nagrand is finished and for the moment, I have nowhere to be. Perhaps I should check into this market and finally get to the heart of these rumors.
    The elder looks around and smells the air. He sighs heavily, before shifting into his hawk form and flying away, the market was getting closer. Who would come, he did not know.

    Bump. The market is so close now! Soon my pretties, soon!
    Kurshaw looked over the stall keepers setting up their goods. Some were using the mats, others brought goods in crates that were now flipped like miniature tables. The matriarch swished her tail and walked across the narrow space between food vendors and grabbed up a small calf.

    Kurshaw growled, "Hmm... What have we here? Little one, I don't think you paid the kind sir for that muffin did you?"

    The calf squeaked and hung helpless in the matriarch's grip. He held out his hands and pouted, "But I'm so hungry..." Kurshaw gave a sigh.

    "How about, if I give you that muffin, you do me a favor? Hmm? Go find your mother and tell her what you did, then let her know that I am ordering you to gather up any children you see for a small story circle. Can you do that?"

    The calf gave a nod and Kurshaw dropped him down. She waved her hand to get him moving and the little calf was off. Turning, Kurshaw shook her head to the male laughing behind her.

    "You know... You don't have to be so harsh. He
    is a Shadowhoof, I would have given it to him for free."

    "Yes, but he should have asked. It's the principle..." Kurshaw gave a nod, then winked as she snatched up a muffin. "For my services and protection..."

    The male just laughed.


    What the banana boat is this thread doing on the second page. XD Bumps for the market taking place in one hour!
    Sorry I couldn't engage you this evening; we'll catch up again later.
    No worries Thulgrom! As things slowed down we were suddenly caught up in a missing Elder event. I do hope we can touch base soon though!
    Alrighty folks, it looks like the next market will be on the 27th of January! Get your goods together and save up your coin. This one is going to be on a Sunday! We are going to pay respects to the Story Circle that happens on that day, so expect the market to run before and after that event.

    Hope to see you there!
    *Pokes the thread, making sure it is alive still*
    *Shoves the thread back to the top*
    Looking forward to this event :D
    I'll try and be there! I normally work Sunday evenings.
    This is so cool. ;~;
    Markets and Drum circles, I'll do my best to attend the next few, it's been hectic for me and I'm power lvling the new main like mad.

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