The Thundering Herd Market

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Kurshaw looked around the small gathering of tribe members and a few Herdmates. The gathering of the market would be coming again soon, and they were getting their wears ready for the travel back over the mountains to Mulgore.

"It seemes that the tribe migrates so often into Mulgore the trails are becoming worn into the cliffs sides!" Of course, this was an exaggeration on the Matriarch's part, but the younger tauren with her tried to decipher where she was talking about on the mountain face.


Awwe, don't worry too much Bestie. If you can't make one, there are 11 more in the year! That's the benefit of putting up the schedule like we did. :D I know how you feel though, Saturdays are like that for me.

I do hope that you make the markets Sals. Can't have a good market without goblins, right?
Adoerte looks to the Matriarch and chuckles. He smiles and looks to the mountains, wondering where his teacher had gone.

So much love for my moos!
Azriell looks off to the mountains, barely able to contain her excitement. Soon the Shadowhoof would make their way back into Mulgore. She digs through the packs and piles scattered throughout the tent, looking for all of the goods she had made in the last few weeks and arranges them in neat piles on a mat. A leather harness here, a book or two there, maybe a staff. So much to do!
*Freaks* I will be prepared for this one!
where r u goin

Back to the front page with you. I'm made of excite for this event.
Adoerte looks at the mountains, wondering when the tribe would cross the mountains to trade. It would be good to walk amongst the Windsong herd. He must meet his teachers niece.
I looking forward to the first market of this new year! Less then a week away, and we are slowly building our stock up from zero. We will have crafters and gatherers of all kinds, so we hope to see you out and about making orders and purchasing pre-made goods.

The market is a free going event that officially begins at 6:30pm server, though keep an ear out for our appointed barkers. Occasionally we start earlier due to a few vendors either needing to leave early or head to bed. Feel free to message any member of the Shadowhoof or Windsong and let us know if you are interested in buying early. We might be able to set up early bird stalls.

As a general rule the Shadowhoof hate to interrupt other events or fight for a position on the calendar. If our event clashes with another event, we will generally try to adjust by opening earlier or staying on later for those who want to attend both. Again, just let us know and we will try to work with the server!
Nightreed began trying to herd her motley collection of companion pets for the market. It was not an easy task, and furthermore, how should she organize them? By species? Alphabetically? Rarity?

No, she decided. They would be grouped by:
Doesn't Bite
Ow Ow I'm Bleeding


Buying of the things. You all will show up and buy all the things, will you not?
(Edit for typo dumb things.)
Adoerte looks to the mountains with excitement. Soon the tribe would descend from their mountain village and enter the plains of Mulgore to sell their wares. They would mingle with the Windsong Herd there on the plains beneath the Bluffs and sell to the populace. He couldnt wait, although he didnt know what to sell.


The market is getting closer. Get your wallets out and ready, for the Thundering Herd shall try to take your monehs, but we are honest cows. Honestly, we are!
I shall be there, if you're sending out calendar invites, send it to this toon, he's the main.
I will add this to our guild calendar as well. Sounds absolutely delightful!

Oooh, sorry, just noticed that the 27th is a Sunday? You'll have to compete with the Story Circle. We'll do our best to make it to both!
We are not worried too terribly much if folks come late. The story circle is something we have already planed for this time around. When our events fall on Sundays, or any day when another event is happening for that matter, we are keeping and open mind and allowing for early birds and late comers. We are staying true to the moon cycles, so don't expect us to change any of the dates. However, we are also accommodating folks by staying late, or starting early. Should that happen, you will see the changes announced here on the thread.

As for now, the Thundering Herd Market is set to start an hour just before the Story Circle and stay open one hour later at the very least. We are always looking out for the interests of better RP, so need to choose!
The old bull yawned and leaned on his staff. The scruffy pelt shedding a bit where he stood, he scratched his side and shook his head a bit to get out of the fog of sleep. "Hmm... It would seem that the Shadowhoof are on the move..."

A watcher looked over the mountains and then back to old Hotto. "Elder?"

"I should get things ready for little Feathermane..." He chuckled and walked back towards the inn. The watcher walked with the old one to make sure he made it okay. Still glancing back to the mountains and then off towards the plains.


He might be blind, but he isn't deaf yet!! Keep the songs on the winds guys, old Hotto will get things ready on Thunderbluff for you. :3 Sunday's the day!
Gleeeee! Tomorrow is cow time! :D I've still got to get an RP set slapped together for this guy.

Bump for one day till the market! Bumpity bump bump!
"Another market, another copper... I am looking forward to trading with the elves this time. I hear there might be a few more interested then last moon's gathering." The stalker gave a grin and pat his coin purse.

Kurshaw laid her ears back and slapped the younger upside his head. "I'll have your hide if you steal a single coin from our guests. This isn't the time or place for your sticky fingers Har'uk Plunderhorn"

The bull simply looked shocked as Kurshaw eyed him with her arms crossed.


YAY! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I will be barking all day tomorrow along with a few others. Keep an eye out! Feel free to seek us out and RP with us before and after the market!

Also, there is still time to plan out your heists! Get with friends, or contact us with a request! Hurry, the time is upon us once again to lighten (or fatten) the coin purse!
The event is less than an hour away! I hope to see plenty of people out ready to buy goods. We lost a few of our folks to the snow storm, but the event WILL go on as planned. Bring your coin purses and trade goods! We will see you all there!
Due to an apartment crisis I am calling off the Market. The snow storm and RL said no this month kiddos. Sorry about that! Don't worry, !@#$ happens, but there will be plenty more events up and running from the Herd.

Nooo! ;~;
Na'luk looks to the mountains and ponders to himself. When would the next Thundering Herd market occur? He thought to himself that he should ask the Matriarch, Kurshaw Shadowhoof. He nods once to his Wind Serpent before melding into the shadows.


This may be considered a necro but the next market is fast approaching. Its only like a month away. So get your gold together and come spend time with the Thundering Herd!
Bump for the next market comes in April! Bring your wares if you are a Shu'halo! You can even attempt to steal stuff...

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